Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good-bye, My Little Ginny-Roo

Guinness Michele Haught passed away on Friday from a brave battle with oral cancer. Guinness was an active dog who enjoy walks, the park, barking at the neighbors dogs, jumping in ponds and lakes and running in circles at impressive speeds.

Guinness was adopted at Durham Animal Shelter in 2003. He stood out from his other brothers and sisters because he was sitting quietly in the back while they others were playing nonstop. He was picked him because of his quiet and calm demeanor, but come to find out he was just resting. He was just as hyper and crazy as the others when he got to his forever home.

Soon after Guinness was adopted, his brother, Jager joined the family and the Haught family was complete. The family enjoyed going to different parks, traveling, napping and playing together.

Guinness had a mischievous streak in him. He enjoyed sneaking meats, butter, grease, and other treats off the counters no matter how far back they were pushed backed. He never apologized for his behavior.

Guinness was a smart and loyal dog who will never be forgotten. The family has a tough road ahead of them but they have thousands of memories that make them smile.

The family would like to thank Dr. Brink and her staff at Falls Village Vet for caring for Guinness and being so kind to us. In lieu of flowers or treats, the family asks that you donate to the Durham Animal Shelter, where they adopted both Guinness and Jager.


  1. Oh, Jen! My heart breaks for you! I am so sorry. No dog could have asked for a better, more loving set of parents.

  2. What a beautiful remembrance - I'm crying from reading it. Thinking of you all - sending love. ❤️