Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hey, I Can Run!

This week didn't go as planned at all. After my five miler on Saturday, my leg started to hurt a lot and I spent the rest of the weekend icing and resting.

 As the week went on, it got worse. I missed my weekly runs and yoga. I was limping by the end of most days. I reluctantly made an appointment with my orthopedic, Dr. Armour at Cary Ortho in Garner, NC on Friday afternoon. Good news, no stress fracture! Bad news, I have edema and it's in both legs. Better news, I CAN RUN! 

Sure, I have to get a ultrasound and a MRI to find out where the edema is coming from but I can run! I also have to ice, elevate, compress and cross train more. Oh, yes and I'm also on Naproxen and have to follow up in mid September. But, hey, I CAN RUN! Whoo-hoo! Don't think I'm not taking the edema seriously, I'm just very excited that my training can continue! 

On Saturday, I was able to crank out six miles at Umstead. I ate an uncrustable and hot tea before heading out. I also packed some new chews called Cyotomax. I LOVED them. They will be my official training chew for the Manchester Half. They weren't too chewy and they have a great flavor. I ate a couple every forty five minutes or so, plus drank water with Nuun in grape flavor (EW by the way. The lemonade was way better) during the six miles.

To be honest, I was nervous about getting out at Umstead. I like to think that I like running in nature, but I don't. I just like the idea of it. It was humid, it smelled funny and I HATE bugs. I must have looked like a total idiot when I thought a caterpillar landed in my hair, you would've thought I set myself on fire. Anyway, I seriously thought about cutting my run short and only do four, but then I thought that I'd have to write that I wussed out in this blog. So, I sucked it up and I'm glad I did. I ran a great few miles, but my last mile was insanely slow. It was about sixteen minutes. Total time of the run was 1: 25:16. 

I can home iced, elevated and then Matt and I headed out to Raleigh Runners Outfitters for new sneakers! They are so helpful and I can't wait to take them for a spin! They are Brooks Women's Transcend Running Shoes. I have never ran in Brooks before, but I've heard they are great. I think they look kinda orthopedic shoes, but I love them anyway!  

Finally, my diet this week went well. I'm pretty proud of myself because I feel like I'm making progress. I'm eating more veggies, fruits, three liters of water daily and cut out snacking for the most part. I'm loving my smoothies in the morning and I've noticed how much better I feel. With all that being said, I did allow myself a treat last night after my run. Matt made Shepherd's Pie from scratch with lamb and it was AMAZING. He really is a great cook! 

I'm sorry for a longer blog, but I had quite a bit to update you all on. Thanks for reading and feel feel to leave me comments! 

Oh, and a quick note that my cousin, Julia, is running the Manchester Half as well and has a great blog she just started. Check her out at Mamma Runs Manchester.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below! 

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  1. Hi! Im glad there is no major injuries! I love how you take care of yourself! That's hard for me. Sometimes I'm in pain, but I only try to breathe it out, no ice, no compresion, etc. gotta learn from you!
    PS: Try starting the chews at 30 minutes, you may get more energy!