Sunday, August 24, 2014

Prepping For My Healthy Life

Since I have been struggling with my weight, I went to see my doctor at Family Wellness Center to get some advice, lab work, and DNA tests done. Dr. Tank went over the results with me and basically came down to commitment. My metabolism is fine and my thyroid is finally on track. Bottom line, change my eating habits and don't overeat. Easy, right? Not really, because I love food. My family has always celebrated and grieved with food. We eat when we are happy and eat when we are sad. Food is my go to. Dr. Tank gave me a diet plant to follow based on my DNA results and said to follow it for two weeks. Needless to say, it didn't include pizza, McDonalds, or ice cream. I think she was a bit skeptical because I don't cook, but I assured her my husband cooks very well. I also am a picky eater, so adjusting the plan was a bit of challenge. I'm also going to try to replace my skim milk with almond milk.....hmmmm, can't say that is going to stick, but I will try!

So, I spent most of the afternoon food prepping and I'm not gonna lie, it sucked. I will say once we were done, it was nice to know I was all set for the week. 

My training went well this week, despite the humidity. I felt pretty strong, but my left leg is really bothering me. The pain is to the right on my shin and I'm thinking I might get a x ray to make sure I don't have a stress fracture. 

Tuesday 5:15am 3 miles 41:23 
I felt pretty slow, but I felt strong finishing. My leg didn't hurt at all. 

Thursday 5:15am 2 miles 30:32
Urgh, not good at all. It was 95% humidity and I cut the run down by a mile. I was exhausted because the power out went out the night before and I figured my Garmin wouldn't charge, so I took a Melatonin and went to bed. Before I fell asleep the power came on, so my run was on. The Melatonin didn't kick in until after 1am, so getting up was rough. My leg hurt, but not too bad.

Saturday 6am 5 miles 1:09:57
This run went pretty well, my goal time was 1:10:00, so I was pretty excited that I barely made it-haha! It was nice when I started because it was raining a bit, but then the 97% humidity kicked in. I made it though. My leg really starting hurting at mile 1.5. This time I took a water bottle with me and tried Nuun in the lemonade flavor. They are tablets that dissolve in water and tastes like carbonate lemonade. It was actually pretty good, but was it cooled down, it was pretty gross. Note to self: ice is essential.  I did feel more energized on my run than usual. I also ran in Fitsok socks, they were decent and fit well. They were a bit warm for summer in NC, but I think they will work in the winter. 

We celebrated Julie's birthday this weekend. We went to the fairgrounds and got tickets to the Body, Mind and Spirit Expo. It was kinda cool. We also went to a to psychic, Margo the Bone Reader, and it was pretty cool. The only thing was weird is that she gave us a cassette tape of the session......where the heck am I going to find a cassette player? This isn't 1990. She told me some pretty cool things and some were actually spot one. She saw me caring for a dog that bumps into things that I have a connection with. She also said I'd be good in a career in counseling (guess I should've stuck with my major of Addiction Counseling!) or reiki healing. I really have to find a cassette player to re listen to the session.

So, that it! I'm watching Justin Timberlake Live From Iceland via Yahoo and Live Nation, so peace out! 


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