Sunday, September 7, 2014

Damn You McDonalds!

My eating healthy kick that I started about two weeks ago is still going on. It isn't easy for me, it takes a lot for me to eat what's right. It frustrates me that I crave crappy food and that I'm a picky eater. I do try a lot of foods, but very few I like. I like all the "bad" foods in life like donuts, cookies, pizza, anything fried, taco dip etc. It would be one thing if I ate a bite or a serving size, but no. Sadly, I'll eat until I'm sick to my stomach or busting out of my pants. Now, I'm not saying that I won't eat these "bad" foods ever again, but they are just slowing down my process. My water/green tea intake is impressive to me, I drink about 2-3 liters daily. I'm slowing but surely going down the right path.

Eating healthy is a huge adjustment, but I am realizing that I do feel better physically and mentally. I've noticed that my clothes are fitting a bit better and my face is clearing up. I had a moment of emotional weakness and I stopped at McDonalds on Friday. I thought it would make me feel better, but it didn't. I immediately went home and worked out, even though it was a Friday.  I find distracting myself my best tool. I've been active on Pinterest, reading, I'm thinking of taking a reiki class, and I've been working on a quilt. Bottom line, if I want to get healthy, it's going to be a tough road. Staying inspired and focused will help me reach my goals. 

So, my running this week was ok at best. My plan was to do four miles on Monday, three on Wednesday and six on Saturday. It didn't go completely as planned because my leg started bothering me and the humidity here is trying to suffocate me. I talked to Dr Tank again at Family Wellness Center in Clayton and she suggested I get a second orthopedic opinion since I think the edema is nonsense. I have an appointment scheduled on the 25th at Total Joint Care with Dr Struble, until then I'll be icing and elevating. Here are my running stats from last week:

Mon: Rest

Tues: Brutal 3 miles at 47:51

Wed: Lifted 

Thurs: 3 miles at 42:40

Fri: Unplanned workout due to McDonalds

Sat: 6 miles at 1:24:36 I was slow and it was 90% humidity (AT LEAST), but I finished strong. My leg hurt a lot the first half, but then I just wanted to be done, finished strong and ignored my leg. Here are a couple pictures from Umstead Park, where I ran:

This week's plan is running, yoga, lifting and eating well. We have an appointment for Jager at Animal Eye Care on Cary on Friday to discuss his surgery. He is completely blind now and hopefully there are some options for him. 


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