Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Never Squatting AGAIN

Grrrrrrrrr.........yesterday was my strength training day. I worked my arms and I have added squats to help my knees. I do 125 squats every other day, but I only got up to 113 when I felt a sharp pain in my left knee (AKA: my good knee that hasn't been operated on twice) along the inside. I stopped and figured I probably didn't have my form right, so I adjusted and did another squat. Same pain....I stopped. Now, when I go to sit or go from sit to stand, I feel that sharp pain again. It doesn't hurt when I walk or hurt in general, just when I sit or try to stand. I'm so scared I did something stupid to it, so I skipped my run today and did some minutes on the bike. I decided not to run til Saturday and NEVER SQUAT AGAIN. Seriously! I'm currently moping on my couch.


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