Sunday, February 10, 2013

I've Been A Bad, Bad Girl

Yeah, this past week was a major DISASTER!

Yeah, I GAINED 6.9lbs in a week! Disturbing and impressive. It truly shows what happens when I don't work out, eat insane portions and eat crap. I don't think I saw a fruit or veggie (unless you count the pizza sauce I ate) all week. I barely drank any water and I felt sluggish and nasty all week. I gain so fast bc well, duh I ate insane portions but also bc my metabolism is super slow and it's probably due to my thyroid. I did a metabolic breath test at my nutritionist office and she confirmed that my metabolic rate is crap, below average. So, it just means I have to work harder to get the results I want. 

So, I'm training for my sixth, seventh, and eighth half marathon. I'm doing the Raleigh Triple Crown and I'll be doing a race in April, May and June. I really needed a new challenge to get going again. Rachel and I had our first training run on Saturday and it was pretty chilly. We are starting with intervals of 2 minutes walking and 1 minute running. We went to Shelley Lake and did 2 miles nice and easy. 

After the run, we headed to Panera and I got a Breakfast Power Sandwich with egg whites for 7pp and it was great! I LOVE Vermont sharp cheese!  I stayed contently full until lunch time. 

In health news, I got my MRI done on Friday for my 6 month check of the pituitary mass I have and hopefully I'll get the report/results tomorrow. I also got the results from my CIMT tests and I have the arteries of a 28 year old, so that is good to know. Just gotta keep watch on those cholesterol numbers! 

OK, so I've got to do a quick mile run today and then will get my meals ready for the week. The only other plans I have today is watching JT in the Grammy's! I AM SO EXCITED to see him! 

Here's to a successful week!  


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