Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pizza: 1 Me: 0

Man, if I don't plan my meals and enjoy them, I head for trouble. I know better! 

I started my morning out with a smoothie and it wasn't all that great. Not sure what I did wrong but I drank it anyway bc I was busy this morning and didn't have anything else. I wasn't feeling it and didn't feel satisfied. 

I went to lunch late, starving and saw pizza on the corner. I peeked in the box.....tiny square pieces. Ah, why do I think the tiny square ones taste so much better than the triangle pieces? As my WW Roast something or another was heating up, I ate a tiny square. So good and I enjoyed it. I had my taste and I was good. My WW meal was done, took a a bite and....ew. The meat looked like gray squares and tasted chewy and the veggies were limp. I ate it anyway, but wasn't satisfied. I ate another piece of pizza, and then another.....and then two more. OMG. 23 points! Almost a whole day! 

I'm not mad that I ate the actual pizza, what I'm upset about it that I didn't realize that the meal wasn't going to cut it. Once I realized that I wasn't going to be satisfied (and I knew this after my second bite), I could've dumped the meal and settled down with two pieces and enjoyed them without going thru my points like water. Two pieces would've been a lot better than 5! So instead of enjoying the two slices and feeling satisfied, now I've had a crappy meal and 5 pieces of pizza and waaayyyyyyy too full. Plus, I feel greasy! Ew! 

You eat, you learn, right? 

Still, it's embarrassing! Typical fat girl! 

Oh, well. I was going to take a night off from working out, but I think it's in my best interest to workout and enjoy burning some of those pizza calories off. 

Rule #1: ALWAYS plan healthy and satisfying meals! I think it's so important to LOVE what you are eating, so no matter what evil rep brings in for lunch, I won't care bc I have an amazing lunch waiting for me! Yesterday was a perfect example! I had such a great lunch planned and a rep brought Ruby Tuesday goodies. I just grabbed some fresh salad to go with my lunch and moved along.

I had a nice light dinner of popcorn, skinny cow candy and tea. 

The best freaking news of the day is that Justin Timberlake is coming out with new music and planning to tour again. I will probably have to start working the corners to save up enough money to see his show and meet him VIP style. It rarely tours so damn it, I will go out this time! 


  1. Good lesson!! One I have learned over and over again :)

  2. You should be thinking about all the things you did right today - you got right back on the wagon instead of just thinking the whole day was a waste and ate a bad dinner. Then you worked out! Thanks for sharing it helps to know others go through this too...I have trouble throwing away food I make and don't like so I eat it anyway and always feel unsatisfied and then eat whatever I wanted in the first place.
    PS I agree little squares of pizza are better than big triangles...must be a New England thing :)