Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crustless Spinach Quiche

Ah, day three of my healthier me campaign and it's going well! I freaking love watching TV and I'm not even going to lie about that. I decided that every 30 minutes of TV, I have to move for 30 minutes, whether it be weights, marching in place, dancing etc. Basically, 30 minutes of rest, 30 minutes of moving my ass. Once the bike I ordered comes in, I'll add that to the mix. I did weighs during an episode of Kendra yesterday and my arms are super sore today.

Eating has been going well too. I have a really hard time when we go out to eat bc I don't know what the best thing to order is, so I emailed my nutritionist and she is going to help me out with that next visit. I want to learn how to make smart choices and feel comfortable going out with my family and friends.

Matt assisted me in cooking today, as always. I found a recipe on SparkPeople called "Crustless Spinach Quiche" and it was relatively easy to make. I altered the recipe a bit bc I don't like onions or feta cheese. So, we used onion powder, whole wheat flour, used a serving of shredded cheese and mixed it in (not just on top), and I added more spinach than required. It came out really well and can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!

Here is the recipe:


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