Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of 2012

So, another year is upon us and I figured I'd do a year in review.

  It started out with the Winter Classic...ah, miss it. I was watching the Pats and was dealing with the loss of our beta fish. I was also training for my fifth half, The DC Rock and Roll Half in March.


On February 9th, my best friend and her husband (Denise and Roy) had their baby boy, Bronson Avery. I immediately planned a trip at the end of the month and met Little B. I also finally gave blood again. Yes, I was still training for the half but struggling with aches and joint pains at night that we never figured out but went away in May after lots of testing and bloodwork.  

Matt, Jess, Ryan and I headed to DC for my half and it was great. My race went well and the trip was so fun. We saw tons of sites and ate at an amazing restaurant, Filomena's with my Uncle Ray and his friends. Amazing food! I also celebrated my 33rd birthday with my friends and saw the Hunger Games, which I loved. 

This month I found out that my cholesterol was 250 and was shocked. I tried kickboxing classes to try to get my motivation back. It was tough! I tried to make changes, but I still struggle to this day. My weight and health will always be an issue, I think. I was excited for Deadliest Catch and began watching the NHL Playoffs. Very exciting! We also did our annual Angels Among Us 5K and our team, Take That Tumors, raised almost $1,000. Our team walks/ runs because my uncle and family friends have passed away from cancer. It is a great cause and I'm happy to do it every year. 
We voted AGAINST Amendment One but unfortunately our state didn't agree with us and I was devastated. I firmly believe in equal rights for all. Our family also lost an amazing family friend, Danny Duval. He helped him out so much and was an inspiration to all. 
I started my sign language classes in June and I'm still continuing my education. I've learned a lot! We headed to Sunset Beach for our annual trip with Matt's family. We had a great time and even went on a boat and saw dolphins. 

I was focused more on my health bc I found out that my cholesterol was up again. BCBS actually sent me a pedometer, which was really cool. It also helped that the Olympics were on bc every athlete is so inspiring. 

August started out with Denise, Roy and Little B visiting us. It was such a fun trip and it's so amazing to see him grow! We took him to the park and also went to The Pit for an amazing meal. Mid August, I was admitted to the hospital bc I lost peripheral vision and my arm went numb. I was put in the neuro unit and monitored. I did a bunch of tests and found out that I had a pituitary mass that will need to be re checked in Feb 2013. 

Pretty uneventful. I began work on my entries for the NC State Fair and was convinced I was going to win. NHL lockout nonsense was annoying all hockey fans. My dad retired after 37 years with the Highway Department.

October was so busy! My jeep reached 100,000 miles. We went to the fair a few times and I threw a fit bc not only did my hats not win, they weren't even out for show. I was livid! Matt and I did the Color Me Rad 5K and Julie had her baby shower. Little did we know that little Stella was weeks away from being born! We also celebrated nine years of marriage on Halloween! 

We celebrated our anniversary at the Melting Pot and it was really good. Obama got voted back in to office (whoo-hoo). On November 15th, Julie and Moseley welcomed their daughter, Stella Macrae a few weeks early. We were lucky enough to be there for the birth and it was so exciting! We headed to WV for Thanksgiving and did a 5K Turkey Trot. We had a great time visiting family and relaxing. 

My work hosted a fun Christmas party and everyone got a bonus, which was appreciated by all. I also got a FitBit and started tracking my steps. It is super hard to get to 10,000 steps some days! We also got together with our friends and made Christmas cookies. We headed to NH and NJ for Christmas and it was a long trip in the car with the dogs. In NH, we saw family and friends, went to the Harvard Club, The Backroom, a Monarch's game, the Red Arrow and more. We stopped on the way back home in NJ to visit Denise, Roy and Bronson and had a great time catching up. We spend the last few days of the year relaxing at home with the dogs. 

All in all a great 2012! 

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