Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Cholesterol Is 256 and LDL is 167

Urgh, I have been struggling for almost a year with getting my cholesterol down and I fear after my lab results from today, that my PCP will put me on cholesterol meds.

I thought I was eating well and then my husband and I went thru our pantry and fridge and found all sorts of hidden cholesterol that I didn't even know about. Well, that's no completely true, I knew they had cholesterol in them, I just didn't realize HOW much.

So, now I have start all over and pretty much eat rabbit food. Urgh. I told my husband I wish I could go in a coma for three months and have them IV me nutrients and then my cholesterol would go down and I could avoid all this nonsense. Yes, yes, I know I wouldn't learn anything but, it would make my life a helluva lot easier on me.

I'm so frustrated, but hopefully this will go better now that I'm a bit more informed.


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