Sunday, April 9, 2017

The StretchRite

As an ambassador for Medi-dyne, I'm fortunate to be able to try their some of their products. I'm a huge fan of the Sports Shield Anti-Chafe Towelettes and my plantar fasciitis is essentially gone since using the ProStretch. It actually worked so well that recently I gave it to a friend whose boyfriend has been having severe ankle pain for years.

The product I chose this time around to try was the StretchRite. Why you ask? Well, because I cannot touch my toes, I honestly don't remember when I ever could! I grew up dancing ballet, tap, and jazz for about fifteen years and was always the most inflexible one. Ridiculously embarrassing.

I don't look particularly graceful either.....

When I started up running again in 2009, I was even worse shape. I hadn't done any type of exercising in years and I certainly wasn't stretching. I had always heard different arguments about stretching before and after a run, so after awhile I just stopped doing it. The only time I did stretch was when I was injured and if I'm being honest, even doing it then was rare. 

So, I truly hate stretching. I'm lazy, I get bored and I don't feel like I ever make any progress. I think the closest I've come to touching my upper shins (that's right, just a bit below my knees) was when I took yoga for a couple months while training for the NYC marathon. I am a firm believer that my legs are too long and my arms are too short. 

So, when I got the StretchRite in the mail I was excited to try it. I read the insert and it was super helpful. It has a coaching guide that shows which stretches are best for specific sports and for general fitness. It also has three grips so adjusting the tension is simple and you can easily see your progress. The strap and hand grips are strong and non-elastic. Being as inflexible as I am, I was a bit hesitant but there are some easy and comfortable stretches for me to try. 

I have obviously been working on touching my toes, but you can use the StretchRite on your hamstrings, ankles, inner thighs, hips, calves, shins, buttocks, lower back, quads, IT band, shoulders, chest, rotator cuffs, and deltoids. It helps relieve tightness, helps prevent injury, and recover from your workouts faster. 

The StretchRite would be beneficial for anyone looking to increase flexibility, student athletes, dancers, runners, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully, in the upcoming months I'll be touching my toes.....or least my lower shins-haha! 

So, check out StretchRite and Medi-dyne's other great products. Take advantage of my 20% discount and use code: AJH20 at checkout. 


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