Sunday, March 27, 2016

Review: Medi-Dyne's Prostrech Plus

As you may or may not know, I'm an ambassador for Medi-Dyne. While I was training for the NYC marathon, body glide stopped working and I got badly chafed. I was very nervous that my training would be hindered by the chafing, and I wouldn't be able to run if it happened every time I ran. So, I tweeted a desperate plea to my RunChat, BQChat, and BibRave friends to find out what they used to prevent the dreaded chafe. Medi-dyne reached out and I tried their sports shield wipes and I instantly fell in love. Before I ran, I pretty much wiped myself down from head to toe and then folded up the towelette and stuck it in bra just in case I needed it later. My training for NYC continued, and I never had issues with chafing or blisters again. I believe in their products so I applied to be a 2016 ambassador for Medi-Dyne and I got picked!

You might have noticed my tweeting, instagraming, Snapchating, etc... on staying injury free and using the ProStretch Plus. I must say, I was skeptical about it because I have super tight calves. Anytime I went to get a massage, they would look at my chart and see that every person before them had a hard time loosening up my calves without me wanting to punch them in face because of the pain.

The ProStretch Plus effectively stretches the calves, hamstrings, plantar fascitiis, and toes deeply preventing and treating injuries. It also provides pain relief from achilles tendonsitis, ankle pain, back pain, calf strain and tight calf muscles, arch pain, plantar facitiis, heel pain, ball of foot pain, tight hamstring pain, IT band syndrome, and shin pain. 

The ProStretch Plus is adjustable to fit small (children) and large (up to size fourteen) feet. You can use it sitting down or standing and comes with a detailed stretching guide. It is suggested that you use it after a warm up or an activity to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can use it daily, but safe enough to use several times a day if needed. The best shoe to wear while using the ProStretch is sneakers, or another type of rubber soled shoe. It is also recommended that your routine should consist of three sets, each set lasting at least thirty seconds with five second intervals. 

To be clear, I never stretch, even when I hurt. I usually just complain about it and never do anything about it. Using the ProStretch Plus has definitely improved my calf pain. The stretch that it provides is deep and effective. I also noticed that I didn't have any more issues with plantar fasciitis while running or walking like I normally do. That was definitely a pleasant surprise. 

Here are a few stretches that I do:

Calf Stretch


Ankles, Shins, and Calves

If you suffer from any of the aliments mentioned above, or just want to improve your flexibility, the ProStretch is definitely worth trying out. I think injury prevention is a vital key when running, you will save yourself so much pain, aggravation, and frustration. Even if you don't run and have these painful issues, you'll want to try it out. My mom will be using it soon to help with her achilles issues and she isn't a runner. She is hoping that the ProStretch will help her be able to walk longer distances and get more flexibility effectively. I wish I had it while I was training for NYC because I was pretty uncomfortable after most training runs. 

I hope you will try the ProStretch Plus and let me know what you think. I think you will be surprised how much it will improve your strength, flexibility and balance. So, go to Medi-Dyne's website and check them out, and by using my discount code: AJH20 for 20% off your order. You better hurry though, the offer expires on March 28th, 2016! 


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