Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th July!

Our weekend was pretty fun. Our friends, Matt, and me headed out for a "moderate" hike at Raven Rock in Lillington. Yeah, moderate is no joke. It was a pretty hike, but it was tough, especially when we veered off the trail a bit! I managed to slide down a hill on my ass and scrape my hand. We went about five and half miles and got we got an amazingly sweaty workout. 

Last night we met Julie and her family at Lake Benson in Garner for the fireworks. I don't think Garner was prepared for the big crowd because they ran out of hot dogs and some flavors of ice cream pretty quickly. They had great area of bouncy houses and bouncy slides for the kids. They also had a spot where kids could make masks and play in bubbles. I went on a bouncy slide for the first time in my life with one of Julie's girls and I was surprised how scary at first it was! I got what I call "bouncy slide burn" on my elbow. I love how Garner has the NC Symphony at the event, they always sound fantastic! 

I'm obsessed with YouCam Makeup app. You can can do so much fun stuff with this app. You can take your picture and play with hair cuts, hair color, make up looks, contouring, eye color, accessories and more. Plus you can get make tips and tutorials and share them online. I really like that you can try on lip colors before buying them. 

Finally, our pup Jager turned twelve years old yesterday and we love him! 

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