Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tattoos, Books And Being Stink Free

We celebrated Jess's birthday with tattoos and a nose piercing at Warlocks in Raleigh. We had great experience and all their staff was fantastic! I finally got my NYC marathon tattoo and it came out amazing! So I now have my two running tattoos and I'm happy. Jess got a pen she draws with and her  Carolina Hurricane season ticket seat numbers. Julie got her nose pierced and her tattoos have her daughters first initials tattooed within the flowers.  

I got back at the gym last week and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I'm getting used to getting up at 5am again. I plan on upping my game this week and getting out there more often maybe even take a class. I'm going to really trying to work harder at getting fit.

Last week was a little stressful with Jager. We found out he has diabetic losing nephropathy, so he is on some new meds, plus a one forth of of 81mg of aspirin. We had to do a twelve hour glucose test today and hopefully we will get some more answers about our Jager. He has been a champ! 

Last weekend we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Carolina Hurricanes winning the Stanley Cup. We put on the Stanley Cup games and tailgated with some delicious food and drinks. 

I'm a huge reader and have decided to take advantage of the Wake County library in Garner. I'm a fast reader so I usually read about three books a week. I'm a huge fan of biographies. I haven't started the Amanda Knox book, but I have finished all the others. My favorite by far with "Five Days in November" by Clint Hill. His story is fascinating and the some of the pictures are heartbreaking Hill is an amazing author and have enjoyed all his books. 

Drew Barrymore's book "Wildflower" was so disappointing. It was so boring that I actually fell asleep reading it. I expected so much more from her. The FBI book wasn't all that great either, but it had a few cool stories that interested me. 

Medi-Dyne/2Toms is launching their Stink Free products and I'm pretty excited to try them. I've heard really great things about these products. I'll be doing a few fantastic giveaways soon, so be on the lookout! 

Finally, Happy Father's Day to my dad who has put up a lot from my brother and me! 


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