Sunday, March 27, 2016

Birthday Week

This week was pretty busy. It was my birthday and my friends and family were super thoughtful with cards and gifts.

Matt and I signed up for the Rex Wellness Center this week and I'm looking forward to starting a workout routine and getting my weight down so I can try and run a little. We had our orientation and learned how to use must of the machines. I have my fitness assessment set up for Wednesday night, not really sure I'm ready for those results, but I'm looking forward to seeing results. I already took my before pictures and I wasn't impressed at all, but I have to remember that everyone has to start somewhere, right? I think my arms and belly are what I want to work on the most. Shout out to Jager for his photobombs.

We went to Julie's to dye Easter eggs at her house with her girls. I hadn't dyed eggs in years, so it was fun to do. The girls seems to enjoy it too! 

Our running group, Just Add Running, got together Saturday morning at Bass Lake in Holly Springs to get our miles in. We had a great time and also did a few acts of random kindness. We put some spring eggs on some cars in the parking lot, did you get one?

Join us for a live Twitter chat with +BibRave , +Medi Dyne and +2Toms 3/29 at 9pm EST. Chat with athletes and runners from all over and make some new friends! 

Happy Easter to all that celebrate! We have a tradition in our family of egg fights. You boil your eggs, color them and then on Easter you fight to the death.....or til your egg cracks. The person with the egg that doesn't have any cracks on their egg, gets good luck all year round!


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