Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jammed Packed

We had a houseful of people in for a few days and it was a lot of fun. Last week we went to Front Row Cosmetics's launch party downtown, and it was a great time. There was lip and brow bar with some fantastic colors. The new high intensity lip sticks and the brow are available now.

We headed to Lake Benson for a walk and some time at the playground. We had a great time until a thunderstorm rolled in.

Saturday was our annual race at Duke for the Angels Among Us 5K. Our team, Take That, Tumors! was out and about and VERY bright! Our shirts were designed by my friend, Jessica, from Details and Scribbles and they were a hit! Our team raised $1,125 this year! Thanks to everyone who donated and to Matheson Law for sponsoring us again this year! 

I'm pretty proud of myself, because despite having company, I made it to all my work outs and realized how much stronger I'm getting, except for my shoulders. Man, I'm super weak, but I'm not giving up! 

That same day I headed back out the Lake Benson with Sammy to tire him out and of course, to get my steps in for the Rex 10,000 steps challenge. 

We went to The Pit in Raleigh and it was an amazing meal. All the food, drinks and dessert were delicious. I highly recommend The Pit, and I definitely recommend making reservations 

Matt, Denise and her son and I went to Pullen Park and it was pretty nice. We had never been and have always wanted to check it out. It is very pretty and there are lots of things to do for the kids. We rode the train and Denise's son ran around having a blast. The only thing that sucked was that the paddle boats weren't available, they told you can only ride them on the weekends. 

After Denise left, I headed to the gym, even though I could've easily skipped it because I had an appointment. I got dressed and figured I could get a least a hour in and I did. I'm very proud of myself because the "old" me would've just taken a nap or play on my phone. I sucked it up and was very happy I went. I'm really starting to enjoy going to the gym and getting stronger. Music definitely helps me get through my work outs, especially when I'm on that damn elliptical. I was struggling the last few minutes of the elliptical so I changed to a peppy song, and when it was over, I found out it was a Justin Bieber song. Damn Bieber and his catchy tunes.

So, after a jammed packed time with my family, I'm ready to get back to work. I'm cautious but impressed with myself for keeping up my gym routine. My eating has been getting better but not fantastic. It was tough when my family was in, but getting back on track is the key goal this week. 

I've been looking a new fitness tracker The Leaf from Bellabeat. Has anyone tried it? What do you think of it. I love the style, it is prettier than the FitBit trackers. It tracks your activity, your menstrual cycle, your sleep, and stress. They are pretty pricey, but if it is accurate, it may be worth it. The reviews online seen positive, but I'd like to hear from you all. 

So, that's it! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Here's to getting back on track! Oh, and don't forget to enter the Medi-Dyne Captain Shield contest. Right now, Medi-Dyne is having a photo contest and the first 100 posts will win Captain SportShield swag AND a SportsShield roll on! The photo contest has you print out Captain SportsShield and post pictures with the hashtag #captainsportshield  and #shieldyourself during your activities where chafing can occur. Go to CaptainSportShield.com and enter the contest. You can earn points by posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, watching the Captain SportShield cartoon on YouTube and sharing the contest with your friends! One grand prize winner will win a year supply of SportsShield or SportsShield for Her, plus Captain SportsShield commemorative prizes!



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