Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Girls Weekend and Discount Codes!

I had a great weekend with my best friend and it totally lifted my spirits. I have been feeling pretty crappy lately, so it fun to get some girl time. We had Melissa from Front Row Cosmetics come over and show us some fun looks. The next time Melissa comes over she will be helping me learn how to contour, which I super excited about.

Denise also got me the cutest shoes for my birthday that have flamingos on them. They are from DSW and I absolutely love them! 

You may remember when I have my blog holiday giveaway, I wanted to make sure I included a product that protected not only runners while out and about, but people in general. I came across a company called TigerLady and loved their protect. The Tiger Lady is small self protection device that has been developed and refined over the course of three generations. The Levine Family has is proud to say that their products are made in the USA and assembled by disabled veterans. 

Tiger Lady is safety at your fingertips. It is small, light weight, and needs no batteries or charging. To activate the three claws, all you have to do is close your hand and make a fist. The retractable claws protrude between your knuckles ready to meet your attacker. 

I like to hold the TigerLady in my palm instead of my phone. I think most people assume you are holding a phone and most of time looking at it while you are walking to your car. Don't be target by being distracted by your phone. By replacing your phone with the TigerLady until you are safety in your locked car, deceases your chances that some one be able to take advantage of you. I usually carry it in my hand, my wristlet or by back pocket. It is super convenient and light weight. I feeler safer carrying it especially since most attackers probably won't think that you are carrying something that could protect you from them. 

TigerLady is offering my readers and special discount. By using the code HAUGHTIGER you can save 20% on your order. Feel safer and protect yourself. I'll be doing a Periscope (JenHaught79) on Thursday evening to show you my TigerLady and how it works. Follow me on Twitter (JenHaught79) for updates on what time so you can check it out! Also, make sure you follow Julie from my Unmotivated series and Aurora from my Strength After Surgery series. Also, don't forget about my other discounts:
So, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy the discounts and share them with your friends, family, and followers online. All of them are really great deal and I hope you will treat yo self!


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