Monday, September 2, 2013

Tough Run

Ah, Labor Day...isn't nice to have a long weekend?

I went to bed very nervous about my 14 miler bc well, I have never ran 14 miles before. I got up at about 5:30am and ate some cashews and some fruit snacks and planned my Umstead route. There is a particular hill there that is INSANE and I refuse to do it anymore bc it zaps all my energy. My race is flat.  I don't mind doing some hills but these giant ones....pffttt, I find them unacceptable. My plan was to run our three and back, run out two and back and then two and back again. I know it sounds ridiculous, but if you know this hill, you would understand. 

I started out pretty well, my first three miles are always slow no matter what I do. I'm lucky if I do a 5K in under 40mins. I tend to relax after that 3 mile mark. Well, at mile 3.75, my damn Camelback feel apart (don't ask) and I wasted time trying to put it it together. I ran mile 5 really annoyed bc groups of runners were everywhere and were running 4 or 5 in a row. Really, c'mon now! There is no reason for that crap, two is acceptable, but anything more is just rude. Luckily, I like to play chicken and I ran by real close or they got the hell out of my way. Being a bigger girl, I don't mind knocking a few people out of my way.

When I reached mile 10, I seriously thought about skipping the last four and driving home. I was tired, grouchy, annoyed and doubting myself. I pulled out my cellphone and listened to music for the last four and made it thru. I'll be honest, if I had to run another step, I probably would've sat down, cried and called Matt to pick me up. The last picture I took of myself was mile ten and I was really defeated.

I made it thru though! I went home and I wanted to keep moving bc my legs and hips were stiff, so we went to do some errands. I woke up Sunday feeling pretty good and not too sore. 

Julie came over with Stella last night and we had fun. This kid is so funny and cute! 

Today is Labor Day and I think I'm going to hold off my 3 miler until tomorrow bc my knees are a bit swollen. I'm finding when I run double digits on the weekends, I need an extra day off my legs to have better runs during the week. So, my plan is 3 on Tuesday, 3 on Thursday and 8 on Saturday. Another milestone is coming up the following weekend and I'll be doing 16 miles. Pretty exciting! 

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