Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Phew! What A Giveaway!

Wow! Thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog and entered my #HaughtGiveaway! It was so much fun and congrats to all the winners! Please share your prizes and experiences via social media with us all! Special thanks to all the participants who helped made the giveaway successful, during the busiest time of the year mind you: RK's Embroidery Boutique, CopyCat Yoga Mat (you can order with Amazon Prime shipping!), Medi-Dyne/2Toms, BoldSleeves, Words To Sweat By, Milestones Sport Jewelry and Apparel, Off To Run Personal Training, TigerLady, Moji, Details and Scribbles, Matt Long, Marathang Bands, Five1Five Signs, Chase This Skirt and Suzy Favor Hamilton. I enjoyed working with you all and hope we can work again in the future!

It has been a crazy week getting ready for the family coming in, but we are very excited to see everyone. We have just about everything ready. We finally got a tree and it is definitely the widest one we have ever had!

Friday night, Kelli, Julie and I had a nice dinner (well, except for our snotty waitress, which by the way is VERY unusual) at the Hibernian. Their food and service is always fantastic, I ordered the fish and chips, a few drinks, and of course my favorite dessert ever; the Guinness mousse. It was nice to relax and chat with the girls before the craziness of the holidays!

This weekend was our annual cookie day with our friends. It is exactly how it sounds, we get together and make Christmas cookies. These aren't even a fourth of the cookies we made, there were so many that I didn't get pictures of.

Christmas Eve is tomorrow and I cannot believe it is going to be almost eighty degrees here! Insane! We have our annual Irish Christmas Eve party here with corned beef and cabbage, and we decided to do ugly sweaters this year. I think we should've changed the theme to Hawaiian luau, I'm pretty sure we are all going to die of heatstroke in our sweaters-haha. 

Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick thank you to everyone for participating in the giveaway and I hope you all have a happy holiday! Be safe and stay cool!  


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