Sunday, October 18, 2015

Only Two Weeks To Go!

How exciting, only two weeks left until NYC! I can't believe it.

I've been sleeping A LOT, but I'm hoping that is a good thing. I'm resting for the big day, right? My runs this week were pretty uneventful. I did my last double digit run on Saturday and it went well, but I was super uncomfortable because I had to go to the bathroom the whole time. It was definitely the coldest run so far and I felt stiff, but thankfully I loosened up around mile five.

On Thursday night, we headed out to the NC Start Fair and it was awesome. I couldn't believe the food combinations they had. Deep fried s'mores and pop tarts, peanut butter and jelly wings, mac and cheese bacon burgers, a twix in a twinkie deep fried, War Head candy apples, deep fried Klondike bar, and so much more. I tried the corn, ham biscuit, elephant ears (aka fried dough), fried Wisconsin cheese (AMAZING), bacon on a stick, and NC State ice cream. If we go back, I'm definitely trying the twix in a twinkie. 

I'm getting my running costume ready for NYC and I'm getting pretty excited. I'm working with Katie from Chase This Skirt and she is fantastic! I have to thank a few etsy shops for getting my patches out to her with impressive speed. I highly recommend this shops, their customer service was fantastic. Please check out: TenYellowEyes, they did my personalized name patch, check out their instagram page. I got all my ghostbuster patches from three awesome shops: Your Patch Store, StarlitNight Patches, and Diablo Jo. You guys are AWESOME! I can't wait to show off my skirt of race day!


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