Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gonna Run New York in SEVEN DAYS!

Ah, so one week til the big day! I can't believe it's almost here. I had a great last long run this weekend. I did a pretty easy eight and felt great. I noticed my slowest mile is always the miles I have to eat my pretzels-haha! They are really hard to eat fast without choking and I look like Cookie Monster trying to eat them.

My run this weekend, like I said, went great but sometimes I get nervous running before the sun comes up because of the sounds that come from the woods. I really wish there was a way to distinguish between a squirrel and a murderer. When the sun came up, the scenery was beautiful!  

When I was done I was SUPER excited that my last long run was over. I'm just so happy that my next big run is Sunday and I can relax and enjoy some down time! 

Thanks to Chase This Skirt, my Ghostbusters themed running outfit is pretty kick ass. I still have to sew on a few patches to to my Bondi Band and sew on my name plate, but I think everything is going to come together nicely! Here is my name plate made by the etsy store TenYellowEyes: 

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the annual Pumpkin Craving Party at the Matheson's and it was fun. Great friends, good food and fun pumpkins! 

I did a little pampering this week since the marathon is going to be rough. I got my toes painted, a manicure and I was due for a haircut. I have been neglecting my hair because it was getting so long and I didn't know what to do with it except put it in a messy bun 24/7. It was getting really heavy when I ran, especially if it rained. I had her cut four inches off! 

A very exciting week ahead, including our twelve year anniversary on Halloween. Crazy how young we were! It was such a fun wedding and I love Matt for making me so happy.

I'm going to do the same thing when I ran DC and give you a number where you can leave me messages. All you have to do is call this number 919-809-9072 and leave a message for me to listen to. It is a generic voicemail. You leave whatever message you want: jokes, music, memories or just say hi. Call as much as your want, I'll be running for at least FIVE HOURS! I'll have Matt download on to my player and I'll be able to listen to them mixed in with my music on marathon day. I'll post my bib number closer to race day, so if you want to track my slow ass, you can.


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