Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hobbling Like An Old Lady

This week went really well. I completed all my training runs this week, so my total mileage was twenty seven miles. I felt pretty decent and the weather was a lot less humid. Tuesday's run was four miles in 57:51 and Thursday's run was three miles in 42:29. Taper time, finally!

All week I was nervous for my twenty miler on Saturday, I think that's why my week went by so fast. The more nervous I am about something, the faster it comes up. Jen sent me some information about a run that Fleet Feet was organizing and I thought that would be perfect to knock my twenty out with a group. The run started at eight at the Wade Avenue store and we ran to their new store and back. Jen and I set out and I felt pretty good. Unfortunately, I  started out way too fast but settled in and did pretty well up until mile fifteen. My leg and knees did hurt for awhile, but my right hip starting to bother me and I was scared because I didn't want to screw anything up before NYC. So, I slowed down to a walk and it started to rain about mile seventeen. Jen was nice enough to stick with me the entire time, even when I started to complain and get negative. She is a great person and has some great stories about running and her races. THANK YOU, JEN! 

I was so excited that I finished the twenty miles, I was sore as hell, but it did give me a lot of confidence for NYC. I was slow, but I got it done! I'm hoping to be a bit faster at NYC, my plan is stay under a fifteen minute mile.

I got home hobbling like a old lady, got in the shower and decided to nap for about forty five minutes before meeting our friends for dinner. I slept about thirty of those minutes, but didn't eat anything, so when we got to the restaurant I wanted to eat EVERYTHING. After a delicious dinner, we set out for the Canes game. I had a hard time getting comfortable because my hip was killing me, but at least the game was entertaining.....until they lost......AGAIN. I couldn't believe how many Wings fans were there, it was crazy! 

Today, we woke up late and I was still pretty sore, but better than last night. We went over to Jess and Ryan's house to hang out for Ryan's birthday. We watched football and ate some fantastic snacks and cake. I was pretty excited to finally be able to watch the Pat's game here, and I was even more excited that they won!

Only twenty days until NYC! It is flying by! 


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