Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick Little Update

This week went pretty well. I finally got off my ass this week and ran twice this week at Lake Benson. My first run was on Monday, it was very warm, but a nice day. I felt excited, but as I started up my legs were really heavy. My time was a very disappointing 29:53.

My second run was a bit better. I got home on Friday and I started out pretty well, but I faded out. I did cut nine seconds off my time though, which was nice. I definitely have a lot of work cut out for me, but at least I'm already improving! 

In other running news, thanks to Running Runner Outfitters for contacting me about ordering the Brooks Lobster Launch 2 shoe. They ordered the sneakers for me and I picked them up on Friday afternoon and I LOVE them! 

Sammy has been with us for over a week now and is very cute and smart. He loves barking around 4:15am, following Jager around, and chewing on my stationary bike. He is fitting into our family very nicely.

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  1. I hate when my legs feel heavy on a run, but it's always nice when the next one feels better! Those pups are too cute laying together like that!