Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

A fresh start, new beginnings, a clean slate, and all that jazz. Every year, I get all gun ho about eating well, losing weight and I usually crash and burn within a few weeks. This year, I decided not to get all obsessive and crazy about my resolutions and simply made two goals for the year:

  • Run a 5K without stopping to walk.

  • One half marathon (I'm thinking Kiawah).

My friends and I have started a new running group where we meet once a month for a 5K in the Raleigh area. We all struggle with motivation, so having each other will be wonderful for all of us. Our group is called "Just Add Running" and we are going to get shirts and Shwings..... have you seen these?! I love them! I'm going to order the silver lighting bolts! If you are interested in joining, shoot me an email at
New Year's Eve was a lot of fun this year. We had some friends over and had a PJ party, it was very comfortable! I didn't even wear make up! We watched the Canes lose (AGAIN), ate, drank and played a fun game called Cards Against Humanity. We had a blast! 

Happy New Year! What are your goals for the year? 


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