Sunday, December 7, 2014

Feeling Better!

I'm finally 100% over whatever disease I caught over Thanksgiving. We haven't been up to too much because I felt so crappy. We did get some pretty sweet Black Friday deals on furniture for our bonus room and finally got a king sized bed. The bed is the best because now the dogs have enough room when we let them on the bed. We have been pretty lenient with the dogs because we found out from out vet that there isn't anymore we can do with Guinness and his cancer, so we are pretty much letting the dogs run the show. Not that they really weren't before!

Jager Guinness
Coach Jenny's Holiday Challenge hasn't been particularly successful so far because I was sick. I only gave myself 3.1 miles to do this past week and I got almost seventeen miles in, so I'm happy. I have ten miles for the week ahead plus yoga. I'm hoping to get out to the park this week and squeeze a mile or two more out.  My last decent milage was on Thanksgiving and Matt came with me, which was great! Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We enjoyed way too much food, so I'm happy we got some miles in before dinner!

This past weekend was pretty low key. We did have our company Christmas party at The Tucker House and that was a lot of fun. Julie, Angie, Kelli, and I all got our makeup done by Melissa from Front Row Cosmetics and I think we all looked fantastic. Everyone's eyes are awesome! I wish I would've taken a close picture up of them. It was so cool to see everyone dressed up and not in scrubs! I don't have any pictures because I didn't have my phone so, I got these from others.

Angie, Tara, Me, Julie, Kelli, & Maryke Millie & Me
On Saturday we enjoyed our new furniture and the pups. We watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 and 22 Jump Street and ate pasta. Today, we spent the day decorating for Christmas, including getting the lights up. The only left we have to do is get our tree which we will probably do next weekend. 

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