Saturday, November 8, 2014

Manchester City Marathon Recap: Part One

There is SO much to say about our week in Manchester, that I definitely have to break it up in two parts. It was a fantastic time and there's so much to tell. I hope you'll be patient with the long blogs!

Our trip started on our eleven year anniversary, Halloween and I dressed up as a devil at work (because that is how everyone sees me anyway-haha). After spreading evil around work, we headed to the airport and had a bumpy ride. My parents picked us up at Logan and we headed to the Phoenician for an anniversary dinner. Unfortunately, I was nauseous from the flight and probably nervous about the race, and I totally threw up outside the restaurant. Classy, right? But, I felt better and enjoyed dinner.  It was one of the top three meals of my life. If you go, and please do, try the baked stuffed clams. They are AMAZING!


Saturday, Mom and I headed to Boston at 6:30am to visit my uncle in the hospital. It was so nice to see him and see him for myself that he is getting better. After visiting for awhile, we headed back to Manch and Dad, Matt and I went to the expo at the Radisson Hotel. It was a pretty fun expo with lots of vendors and things for kids to do. I got my number (1950), my little backpack, a nice tech shirt, and other little things from BCBS. We sat in the middle of the expo to wait for Dave McGillivray to speak. I spoke with him briefly and thanked him again for doing the interview for this blog. I also got a picture and had him sign his book for me. His talk was great! He was engaging and had some interesting stories to share with the crowd. He was really motivating! 

During the talk, Dave asked the crowd a few questions and discussed goals. My goal has always been to do a marathon and after last years disastrous attempt, I haven't thought about it much. So, Dave challenged me with a medal. He called me on stage and explained that he has given out about five hundred medals out to different people. The idea is that once you achieve your goal, you mail it back to him. So, I got the medal and I accepted the challenge.....stayed tuned for more details on that later, I guess? Haha! 

On Sunday morning, race day, was a little crazy. We had the time change, which was nice because I got an extra hour of sleep and I woke up feeling relaxed. That worried me a bit because that is how I felt when I woke up on marathon day a year ago. I got up ate my Uncrustable and drank my tea and chatted with the fam. I got dressed and waited for Julia and Caitlin to arrive. I stepped outside and it was FREEZING. It was so cold and very, very windy. 

Julia and I got our super cute sparkly skirts from They are great quality, it was shipped fast and it looked great! Another great thing was that little Bronson wore the cutest shirt I have ever seen.  I was really touched that Denise made it for him. When I saw him wearing it out on the course, it made me smile! 

Julia drove us in and we parked. We walked in the freezing cold and wind and blamed each other for getting us into the whole half marathon fiasco. This half was Caitlin's first, Julia's second and my ninth. We stretched and dealt with the biting cold and gusty wind. We headed to the start and my nerves shot up a touch. The gun went off and I noticed a older guy, who was at least 70, take off. And guess what? I NEVER caught up with him! Dude was hard core! Then the ambulance and cops passed me.....wait! I'm still here! I know I'm last, but I'm here! Don't leave! Man, that shook my self esteem, but I continued on the course. 

The first three miles were hell, hated every minute. River Road sucks! I actually had to text Matt quick and let him know that I didn't drop out and that was behind the cops and ambulance. I saw my parents drive by and that was a great boost! The ONLY good thing about River Road was that it distracted me from the 25-45mph winds.  Once I got the hell off River Road and got on to Union St, I felt 100% better because I saw Matt, Denise, Roy, Bronson and other family members! Bronson was high fiving runners left and right and seemed to not be bothered by the cold at all-haha! I was lucky enough that Matt and everyone found a few places on the course to cheer me on and that was fantastic. When I reached mile six, my brother was standing there drinking a cup of coffee. We reached Livingston and they announced my name and where I was living, which was cool. At that point, I was having issues breathing in. I have asthma and it can be tough running in the cold. Being overweight doesn't really help either, that's for sure! Derek hung out with me for about four miles and he was a great distraction. He was a big support! 

I saw Matt and everyone right before turning on to Reservoir Ave and luckily we did because I would've gone straight instead of turning left. They was no sign or it blew away or whatever, but either way, I went the right way.....up another crappy hill.

Derek left me at mile ten (chafing issues--haha!) and I knew I only had about a 5K left. I was actually doing well and thought I would PR but then I hit mile 11.5 and got pissed. A giant freaking hill ahead of me and I let it get the best of me. If I would've just stayed focused and moved along, I probably would've PR'd, but instead I had a temper tantrum and wasted a bunch of time complaining in my head and slowing down. I got up that stupid hill and the rest was cake. It was downhill and brought me right to the finish line. Caitlin and Jules had already finished well before me. There were two pads at the finish line and I stopped completely at the first one and everyone was yelling, "GO! GO! You aren't done yet!" I yelled, "SHIT!", kept running and finally finished! 

Here are pics of us around the 13.1 course:

Stay tuned for part two! 

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  1. Congrats on your half marathon finish! Way to go, girlie!