Sunday, November 9, 2014

Manchester City Marathon Recap: Part Two

So we finished the Manchester City Marathon Half! Caitlin finished in 2:18:49, Julia finished in 2:30:04 and I finished in 3:03:07. I didn't hit my goal of finishing under 2:53, but I finished, so whatever. After we got done, it was FREEZING! Some runners lips were turning blue. We all hung out and got a quick free massage from North Eastern Institute of Whole Health. It was super organized and the massage was nice to finish off the race with.

After I took a shower and fell asleep in the shower, we headed out to meet at the Backroom. To our surprise there were Secret Service everywhere. Come to find out, Hilary Clinton was there! My cousin Joe and I stalked her and I got a picture! Joe and I got a picture with the governor, Maggie Hassan.

One Monday, we headed to the Aloha for Mom and Denise's annual Mai Tai races. Mom came up on top and was named the champ two times in a row. Denise needs to practice! 

On Tuesday, we met more of my family for breakfast at Belmont Hall. It was really nice to catch up with everyone. After breakfast, we headed to Boston and went to the aquarium and Faneuil Hall for lunch and shopping. 

Denise and Roy headed out the following day after meeting my uncle, Peter for breakfast. Mom, Dad and I headed back to Boston and spent the morning with my uncle Ray, who is still in the hospital. We had a nice visit and I brought him a framed picture of Hillary and me. 
The last thing I wanted to do before heading home, was to get a BackRoom chocolate frappe and luckily Dad got one for me.

So, that's it! That is our trip to Manch and we had a great time. We saw so many people and went out and hit all my favorite places. I want to thank so many people because you have supported me thru my training and I truly appreciate it! I can't thank you all enough! 

I'm hoping that Caitlin and Jules will come to NC and try another nice and FLAT race next year! 

My interview this week will be with Mark Remy from Runner's World, so I hope you enjoy it! You can check that out on Wednesday! 

Next weekend's blog will be about my reiki class, what products I used for training for my half, and Coach Jenny's Holiday Challenge. I have an interview with her coming up in a few weeks, so stay tuned! 

Thanks again for reading these crazy long blogs, I appreciate it!