Sunday, September 21, 2014

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Hope you all enjoyed my interview with my coach, Lou Ann Bakolia. You can contact her at with any questions. I'm really enjoying putting together these interviews, but I am disappointed by the lack of women athletes. I only have one other woman on my interview schedule, all the others haven't responded or declined. I have contacted a few more, so hopefully I'll get a few more lined up!

I did struggle a bit mentally this week with running, but all in all it was a good week. In my head, I'm a way better runner than I actually am. This is good and bad. Good because I believe in myself and have confidence. Bad because I get disappointed easy because in my head I expect so much more from myself. I'm trying to tell my head that running is hard work and being overweight, it is going to even harder. To achieve those times I expect from myself, I have to lose weight. I remember reading that for every pound you lose, you can ran four seconds faster! With my weight loss at a standstill despite working my ass off, I have a lot of frustration.  I've been lifting weights and running since May, and no change in muscle tone or weight (except for a couple pounds here and there). I'm trying to stay positive, but but weekly runs didn't help my attitude.

Monday: 3 miles 40:47

Wednesday: 2 miles 28:10

Saturday I woke up and headed to Umstead to do my eight miles. I was surprised that I was actually chilly when I started, but I'm not complaining! All the humidity here has been a killer for me. I was not looking forward to this run because Umstead is TOUGH. It has tough hills and I usually walk them because you know, I might die if I try to run them. Well, Saturday I felt different and was determined to hit all my intervals (3:1) and I did! Sometimes when I was climbing those damn hills, I was pretty sure I was running in place, but I hit them all. As I got closer to the seventh mile, I wondered if I could run the last mile without the intervals even though I was pretty tired. Twice, I almost gave up, but I kept on. I finished in 1:47:44, beating my slowest eight mile time by thirteen minutes and my fastest by six minutes! For the first time in a long time, I felt validated for my hard work.  I will never be an elite runner by any means, but I'm not going to stop dreaming about it. I dream of getting stronger and faster. I dream of qualifying for Boston. I dream of running in NYC, Chicago, Maui...everywhere! I'm not giving up on my dreams, I'm just going to continue to work hard. Running is a privilege and I need to relax and enjoy the experience.

In non racing news, I finished my third rag quilt. Like Cher said in the movie Clueless, its "full-on Monet... From far away, it's ok, but up close, it's a big old mess".  I still need to practice measuring, sewing in a straight line, pretty much everything. I do love the fabric though! 

I'm spending the rest of Sunday relaxing, icing and watching football. My knees haven't liked me at all since yesterday's run, but my leg seems better. Jager's cataract surgery on Thursday, so we are looking forward to that. Oh, and check out my interview on Wednesday with the Mayor of Running, Bart Yasso!


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