Monday, August 11, 2014

But I Have Excuses!

So, training this week didn't go as planned, here was my schedule:

Monday: Set my alarm for 5:15am, hit the awake button instead of snooze. I skipped yoga because it was important to catch up on some reading like Us Weekly, OK, Life and Style, InTouch Weekly.

Tuesday: Same incident with the damn alarm, decided to run in the evening. Got home from work and decided I'd rather eat some chips.

Wednesday: Was tired and bloated from eating chips and didn't wake up early. Missed yoga because I felt that that pinning about yoga and actually going to yoga was the same thing.

Thursday: Stayed up late hanging out with Denise and drinking

Friday: Who the hell exercises on Friday?

Saturday: Overate at Hibernian on Friday and oh, gosh, is it raining?! I might catch a cold!

Sunday: Watched Disney movies all day with Denise, Roy and Matt. We hit Chili's and Goodberry's. After struggling to fit in my pj's, I vowed to get up today to run.

All in all a lazy, lazy week. We had a great time with Denise and Roy, but I really had no excuse for not running or going to yoga.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Finally, on Saturday my friend, Jess, made this card for me for motivation. I repeat, she MADE this card for me. It looks amazing! 

Here's to a more active week! I can't be slacking off, the Manchester City Marathon is only three months away! Whoo hoo! 


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