Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunny CA Trip: Part One

I haven't blogged in awhile bc we have been so busy getting ready for the trip, traveling and then recovering from traveling. We had a great time!

We flew out on Thursday morning from Raleigh and had a direct flight to LA. We arrived at LAX about 9:30am, got our rental car and headed to San Diego. Along the way, we saw seals, seals and more seals. I loved it!

On Friday, we headed to the San Diego Zoo and it was rainy, so there wasn't very many people there. It worked for us bc we zipped thru the zoo and didn't have to wait in any lines.

 We couldn't get anywhere near the Hollywood Walk of Fame bc of the Oscars, but we did get to do the Paramount Studios tour.

On Saturday we had our first Hurricanes game at the Staples Center. The Staples Center was very impressive. Unfortunately, the Canes lost that night.

On Sunday, we headed into Anaheim for our second game. We lost again. After the game he headed to In and Out Burger and I loved the burgers. I wasn't impressed with the fries, but the burgers and shakes were fantastic.

Monday we spend all day driving the Pacific Coast Highway and it was amazing. I thought with all the tight turns and hills that I would get car sick, but I was fine. We were literally in clouds when we stopped to take pictures. We saw cows, zebras, elephant seals, and other breathtaking sights. The ten hours flew by.

My next blog will be about the San Franciso, San Jose and Napa Valley.


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