Thursday, January 16, 2014

California Dreaming

So, exciting news! We are going to California! Whoo hoo! It will our first time going to the West Coast and I couldn't be more excited! We are planning to hit San Diego, LA, Anaheim, San Jose and Napa Valley. We are going to throw in three hockey games just for fun. Any suggestions or tips from people who have been there? 

Working out again has been going pretty well. I've gotten on the bike and lifted weights about three times a week. I have a lot of trouble after work bc I've been so tired lately (last night I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before 8pm). I know I'm tired if I'm too tired to even watch TV-haha! I think I'm gonna try and train for the Angels Among Us 5K in April. I'm the captain of the the team, "Take That, Tumors! and I think this captain should run it this year. I have three people on board with me (Kelli, Dani and Rachel), so I definitely will be held accountable. I really just want to try and run for fun. I've been told I take this kinda stuff to seriously and I just need to have fun (ex: marathon training). So, that's my have fun. I think training will start early March. Oh, and feel free to check out our Facebook page and join and/or donate to our team, it is a wonderful cause! 

I tried something new last weekend....kale chips. I really wish I would've taken pictures, but I didn't. Matt made them and I was shocked that I liked them! I wish there was a better way to store them, bc you pretty much have to eat them that day. I tried storing them in an air tight container with rice and they were questionable to say the least. 

I decided since it is Thursday to do a throw back Thursday picture you know, since the epic kale chip picture didn't happened. This picture was taken in 1999, just before Matt and I started dating. We went to a Theta Xi Formal together in WV. Ahhh, so young! 

The Pats are up again this weekend, here's hoping they head to the Superbowl! 


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    1. Should hopefully be great weather for you! Bring layers of clothes to wear while you're here because it can still be somewhat warm, but it does get chilly in the mornings/evenings. Have fun being a tourist!! :-)