Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm a little late on my blog, but I really don't have much to update on!

This past weekend Matt's parents came in and we had a nice time. We got to go out for Italian food on Friday night and it was amazing. It was a perfect meal b/f my 12 miler.

I broke up my 12 miler into two sections, so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. I went to Umstead and ran out three miles, came back and I took a snack/water/stretch break and than headed back out and back for the last 6 miles. I think that really helped, but I was slow clocking in at about 2:42. I felt that I was going a lot faster. I have 6 miles on tap for this weekend and then 14 miles for Labor Day endocrinlogistweekend.

The only other thing that happened to me was that my little piggie nail fell off. I didn't hurt, but it just looks odd. I will be mailing it out to the winner of my first toenail falling off soon--haha.

Oh, and I went to see my endocrinologist last week and we did some med adjusting, I'm on two thyroid meds now and hopefully together they will kick in and help me feel better. I think I'm feeling better bit by bit daily. I'm glad she didn't tell me to stop running. Hopefully, I will start dropping some pounds soon! 

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  1. Congratulations!! I think you are allowed to call yourself a badass runner now thanks to the lost toenail. ;-)