Sunday, June 2, 2013

Triple Crown Series Completed!

It is official, I'm a Triple Crowner! This race was actually the best race out of the three, not bc of my time (which was the worst ever) but bc it was a super organized event and the volunteers were amazing. The course itself was great except for the the last half mile that was a straight up giant hill. It was no joke and Rachel and I were not impressed.

After the race, I actually feel pretty good. I think bc I stayed hydrated in that hot and humid weather.  I slept for about a hour and stretched while I watched "Spirit of the Marathon" while Matt had to go into work. He was nice enough to make me some taco dip for dinner after my hard race.

This morning, I woke up stiff but definitely nowhere near how I felt the day after my half two weeks ago. That race was brutal. I did some stretching and went for a short walk and I feel pretty good now. I also tried to use my new foam roller and that thing is pure evil. I haven't hurt that bad in a long, long time. My body was screaming at me, especially my calves. It is a brilliant invention, but it hurts, sometimes to the point where I feel nauseous. I have no doubt it will speed up my recovery time.

I'm still going back and forth about marathon training. I want to do one in November, but I really have to make the commitment. It is a lot more work than a half and I have to focus on cross training and eating a lot better. I'm hoping do more researching/reading on training and going to see "Spirit of the Marathon II" will help with my decision.

In other news, Jager needed to have four teeth extracted and was as drunk as a skunk afterwards. Matt had to carry him bc he couldn't figure out how to use his hind legs and he slept with his eyes open for awhile, which was super freaky. Thankfully, he is much better and tomorrow will be his last day on pain meds.

I'm pretty happy with my accomplishment and earning my medals. My times weren't fantastic by far, but I finished and that was my main goal.  


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  1. Way to go! Congratulations on all your bling!! Hope you have a nice medal rack at home so you can display it all. :-) If not, talk about a great reward for all your hard work!