Sunday, June 9, 2013


It was an odd weekend bc I didn't run, I didn't do much of anything but relax and watch the BRUINS SWEEP THE PENS!!!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

This past week, I ran once and I tried out some new socks, Injinji socks. They were uncomfortable at first, by by the end of my workout, I hardly felt like I had socks on. I think I'll be sticking with these thru out my (first) marathon training. 

I had been on the fence about a marathon for awhile and after reading the July Issue of Runner's World and getting my Boston Strong poster, I decided that I would try it. I chose the Marshall University Marathon on November 10th and will sign up next pay period. I drew up a training plan on my calendar and I'm good to go. 

Matt and I have finally started on season four of Arrested of Development and I'm not super impressed. I love Portia De Rossi, but her new face is distracting. I also think that each episode focused on one of the characters doesn't flow as nicely as previous seasons. It is still funny and entertaining.  

This week we are going to see a "Spirit of a Marathon 2" and I'm excited bc I loved the first one. After the movie, I will be visiting my aunt and cousin in FL and I have been looking forward to it for months! Great week ahead! 


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