Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bird-a-ful Run

I seem to be back on track, which is great. I weighed in today and down 2.7lbs after last weeks 6.9lb, heading in the right direction again. I'm hoping with the half marathon training plan we have I'll be racking up more activity points and be able to lose a bit more weight. I will also be getting my thyroid labs re checked this week, so I might be due for another dose change if it shows I'm still off.

Saturdays Rachel and I headed to Shelley Lake again for our long run. We did our intervals and finished up our four miles in about 58 minutes. I'm surprised I didn't run faster bc there were so many birds! I'm straight up terrified of birds and it seemed like every bird in the city was there....ducks, geese, cranes and even giant hawks. I don't think I've seen so my birds in one place. I can't even tell you the pure terror I feel when I see a pack of Canadian geese.  I took some pictures but, it is kinda hard to see the birds. The hawk was hanging out on the garbage can.

I ate pretty well today and spent most of the day reading bc it was snowy and slushy out. The oatmeal was 8pp and the shrimp salad was 3pp. Not bad.

Other than that, nothing crazy new is going on. I would like to give a shout out to my parents bc the sweatshirt they got me for Christmas came with a hole in it and I had to send it back. They finally got the refund on it and they sent me this:

VERY cool! I love it! Thanks, Mom and Dad! 


  1. Great job it was sooo cold today!

  2. Way to go with the weight loss and running 4 miles!!