Saturday, September 9, 2017

Got Tips?

A few weeks ago, as I was eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for breakfast, I decided that I really wanted to get healthier. I have hypothyroidism and I blame EVERYTHING (weight gain anxiety, bitchiness, headaches, network connectivity problems etc) on it. I have come to realize that my thyroid is always going to affect my life, but using it as an excuse, as convenient as it may be, is not helping me. I'm the queen of excuses when it comes to eating right and exercising: I'm tired, it's cold out, it's hot out, I need to organize my sock drawer, I worked ten hours today, I just have watch this episode of 30 Rock for the twentieth time.

My friend Aurora, who is a trainer, put together a great workout plan for me. She introduced me to TRX which I'm loving. The workout plan is a great combination of upper and lower body exercises, core strength and cardio.  I have been doing great, I even went for a thirty day straight workout streak and crushed it. You can check out my Instagram and Twitter to check out my streak pictures.

I'm now struggling with eating well. Since my insurance blows (I'm talking to you, United Healthcare), I was off my injections for about a month. I am now back on it and starting to feel normal. While I was off of it, I was eating EVERYTHING in site, especially candy and pizza. I gained weight, but I think because I have been working out consistently, I don't think I've gained as much as I could've.

So, I'm cleaning up my diet. I'm working on mindful eating and eating more (ANY) vegetables and fruits. It is basically more water and less crap. My recent blood work showed that I have very low iron, so I got an iron infusion last week and will have another on Thursday. I'll also be looking into some iron enriched foods (yay, hamburgers) on top of my iron supplements. Even more so, I have been doing more research into the science behind healthy living (see graphic below) and learning more about other supplements like this NAD+ one. I know I will feel better and get results if I discontinue my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup breakfasts. 

I know everyone has heard a ton of healthy tips, but these are the ones I like:

1) Small steps/goals

The first step I took was to contact Aurora and put together a fitness plan. If you don't have a trainer, Pinterest is a great resource for all sorts of workouts. My goals for the next couple weeks is 36 oz of water daily, cut carbs and continue to follow my workout plan.  No step or goal is too big or too small! Maybe you just want to drink a glass of water a day, maybe cut down to one candy bar a day or maybe you want to try a new fruit or vegetable weekly. You can focus on one goal or a few, whatever works for you!

2) Do what you like

One of the main reasons why I like my daily workouts is because I actually like doing the workouts. I have been loving the TRX and the circuits that Aurora came up with have great variety. Most of circuits are easy, but intense. Don't force yourself to run if you hate running, don't drag yourself to a yoga class if you hate mediation and breath control. Don't go to group classes if you don't like people, like me-haha. Go out, try some new workouts and find something you like. Don't dread your workouts, otherwise you are less likely to do them.

3) Treat Yo Self

A reward system can really help with motivation. They can be daily, weekly monthly or all of the above. I love watching Parks and Rec so during and after my workout I watch it. I treat myself to books, makeup or sometimes just a glass of chocolate milk. Once I complete my eight week workout cycle, I'm treating myself to a manicure and pedicure. Figure out how you want to reward yourself and get moving! Like your goals, no step is too big or too small!

4) Give yourself a break

I always struggle between giving myself a break and being too easy on myself. As I said before I'm the queen of excuses so sometimes giving myself a break is tough. Am I really tired or I just don't feel like working out? Sometimes my knee is truly hurting and swollen, but maybe it isn't THAT bad and I can push though. It's always a tough call for me. Normally I'll start the workout and see how I feel. I always do at least ten minutes. Matt also helps me too by encouraging and cheering me on, which is amazing and sometimes super annoying-haha!

Here is some information from Elysium and tips from other bloggers as well:

Image credit: Elysium

You can check out Elysium on social media:

    Aurora and I will be reevaluating my workouts this weekend, so there will be a few changes ahead, including some new TRX exercises. I'll be bringing my resistance bands on our trip next week, so I can keep up with my strength training. Our hikes will definitely count as cardio!  

    What tips do you have for starting a healthier lifestyle? What's your #SmallChangeBigGain?


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