Sunday, August 2, 2015

Running Is Impossible

This week I had my first "I hate running and why am I doing this to myself" week.  I was achey, my leg hurt, and I didn't sleep well. I focused on a lot of negatives this week. I was annoyed with my lack of improvement, I was annoyed my leg still hurt, and I was annoyed about the humidity, I was pretty annoyed about anything running related. We have been watching a lot of Parks and Rec reruns and I found some pretty perfect scenes.

I was pretty pumped on Monday to workout, and I'm not going to lie, it was because I saw those pictures of Khole Kardashian. She looks AMAZING. You can say what you want about the Kardashians, but she works out hard. Anyway, I decided that I was going to lift my weights and look like her right after my workout. So, after four sets of fifteen and then couldn't lift my arms. No joke. I tried leaning up against the wall and foam rolling my arms...yeah, didn't work. 

Tuesday I headed out to run and I literally hated every step. I tried a new route, I put on Sonza and listened to 90's rap (California Looovvveee), and tried to run through the funk. I ran four miles in 56:05 and was very happy to stop.

I still couldn't lift on Wednesday because I still had T-Rex arms, so it ended up being a rest day. On Thursday my alarm went off at 5am and promptly hit OFF. Nope, not running. I hate it, no one can make me. Not happening.  

Thursday was Sammy's last puppy school class and he did great. He got the most points and won a fun toy. He still has a more to learn, but he has the basics. 

I was supposed to run eleven miles on Saturday morning, but we spent the morning in the emergency room with Matt. He has issues with kidney stones and he got dizzy, fell and hit his head. I finally convinced him to go the emergency room and he got treated. Now it is just a waiting game. Once we got home I went to Target to get his meds and it took FOREVER. By the time I got home, I was exhausted and fell asleep.....for about four and a half hours. It was a long day! 

Today I got up at five and at the suggestion of a few runners on Twitter, decided to try the Neuse Greenway. I found a spot to start in Clayton and loved it. It wasn't hilly so my leg barely hurt and I made great time! The humidity was only 87% compared to 98% last Saturday, so it was pretty nice out. I loved the greenway and will definitely go back. Plus it was fun to cross county lines.

I ran the eleven miles in 2:30:43 and my goal was to do it in 2:38:00, so I was pretty happy. Plus, my pace today was 13:42 compared to last week's pace at 14:42. This run has definitely given me some much needed confidence. 

I've actually got goals this week. My goals this week is to lift moderately twice this week, two four milers and then a twelve on Saturday, probably at Umstead to work on hills. Hopefully, my week will be better this week and I won't hate running. 


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