Sunday, November 16, 2014

Reiki, Paleo and a Holiday Challenge

My blog has blown up since posting my Manchester Marathon recap and my interview with Mark Remy! Wow! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! My next interview is with the very inspiring Katie from I can't wait for you to read her story.

Last weekend I got my certificate for First Degree Reiki. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I love the idea of Reiki and using energy to heal aliments. I love learning the hand positions and what is most beneficial for healing etc. I just don't know how to take it when people say that they can see the future and that spirits talk to them. I've never had that experience, so I can't relate at all. When we did our attunements, I felt relaxed most of the time and saw some bursts of yellow. Most everyone else is the class saw an array of colors, animals, third eyes etc. I was dumbfounded, WTF? Why didn't I see all this magical shit? I felt so.......unspecial. I will continue with Reiki II because I really do enjoy it.

In health news, I have lost about eight pounds this week since starting a more paleo diet (NOT my idea, it was Matt's). We are doing it for about two weeks and then adjusting accordingly (I'm not eating 90% chocolate...disgusting). I wish I could say that there are more positives to the diet besides the weight loss, but right now I'm still in that tired-headachey-I'd kill for a Cheeto phase. I will say that I'm eating more fruits and veggies and I don't feel as homicidal towards a person when I see them eating a cookie.

This holiday season I decided to sign up for Coach Jenny's Holiday Challenge. Jenny Hadfield (whose interview should be up next week) is a columnist for Runner's World and has a monthly column in Women's Running Magazine. The challenge runs from Thanksgiving to January 25, 2015. There are two levels of the challenge the green and the red. The green is free and you get access to a private facebook group, entries in her giveaways, and weekly newsletters. The red challenge (which I picked) is $59 and in addition to the green perks, you get a long sleeve running tech shirt, and an entry to the virtual holiday race (I will be focusing on my 5K time) that includes a bib number and medal. I'm pretty excited to work on my 5K time and hopefully lose a few more pounds. If I'm ever going even think about a BQ, then the weight has to come off and stay off.

Yesterday we celebrated one of our favorite little girl's second birthday. Julie did a great job with decorations and her daughter's cake. It was amazing!

So, that's it! Has anyone tried or eating paleo now? Got any tips?


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