Thursday, May 22, 2014

It Has Been Awhile

I have been kinda slack on blogging bc I had been feeling kinda blah. I have been feeling a lot better and gave my self a kick in the ass.

First, Julie got my inflexible ass to yoga. I really was dreading it bc I'm comically inflexible, but I'm actually enjoying our weekly classes at Open Heart Yoga . This week we actually went twice and I'm learning a lot. I still can't get that downward dog pose, but I'm getting there.

I also got myself a running coach to get much, much faster. Lou Ann has set up a great plan for the next three months and I hope that she with help me get to my goal of 2:30 at my half in November, if not faster. I have high hopes for myself, especially since this race is in my hometown.

I signed up for the Manchester Half Marathon in November and I'm looking forward to it. I'm dying for my tenth half marathon medal!  I'm expecting my cousins, Julia and Caitlin, to sign up soon as well, otherwise I will kill them.  I'll be traveling up there to race, visit family and of course, feast at the Backroom. I'm totally looking forward to chicken tenders and mudslides!

Lastly, I had my yearly MRI and thankfully, my tumor is still benign and hasn't grown. My neurologist has cleared me for eighteen months! Whoo-hoo!

So, that's about it! Here's hoping I'll update more!


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