Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun Weekend!

What a fun weekend! I actually did more than eat, sleep and run! We went to opening night, the International Festival, and celebrated our friend, Ryan's birthday with pizza and cake. 

Friday night we headed out to the PNC for opening night and met up with Jess and Ryan after eating at Assagios for dinner with Julie, Moseley and Stella.The Cane's lost (what else is new) but we had a great time. Stella did so well at the game, I was so impressed! Julie and Moseley are raising a great kid! 

I woke up on Saturday morning and headed to Shelley Lake for my 10 miler. I shocked when I saw a sign a mile or so in saying the trail was closed! Whhhaaattttt?! I don't do well with change at all, but I sucked it up and just ran. I ended up having to call Matt bc I got lost, so I' m not sure my time, but I felt good. Whenever I run at Shelley Lake, I feel like I'm in a really weird Disney movie, I see the weirdest animals: possums, snakes, geese, foxes and none of them look friendly. I'm supposed to do 24 miles next weekend, but I might just do 20, we'll see. After that, tapering begins! 

After my run, we headed to the International Festival at the Convention Center in downtown Raleigh and it was a lot of fun, We tried food from Brazil, Poland, the Philippines, and more. There was lots of singing, dancing and cultural booths. Very cool! 

Today was super lazy and I loved it. We slept in, went food shopping, napped and watched football and hockey. 

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  1. From most of the stuff I have read, many trainers say that all that is needed prior to a marathon is at least one 20 miler and no higher. So if you want to skip the 24 miler this weekend and go for 20 instead I say that sounds fine to me! ;-) (notice how I say that like I even know what I'm talking about! HA!)