Friday, December 28, 2012

Healthier Me Campaign Started Today...AGAIN

So, I came home from NH with a few added pounds....almost ten! I decided not to wait til 2013 to get started on getting back on the wagon and truly losing the weight I really need and want to. I have been the same weight for almost three years and it's time to get off my ass and lose it.

I already have a FitBit and I got the Aria scale that I asked for, so I'm set on that. It showed me a  startling weight and body fat percentage that made the decision that I needed to change...stat! I also ordered an indoor bike. If I'm truly honest, I HATE running in the winter but I love bring warm and watching TV. So, I figured, hey! Indoor bike to ride while I'm watching TV! Perfect.

My diet will go back to when I dropped my cholesterol almost 60 points: more water and green tea, more fiber, less fat and sugar etc. Matt and I hit Trader Joe's and got some new and healthy dinners. I got on Sparkpeople and Pinterest and got new recipes to try, including a spinach quiche and some Zoku treats.

Today, I got in my water and green tea, ate well and went for a walk with my husband and the dogs. I think I might try the DVD I got months ago tomorrow called Ballet Body.


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