Monday, May 14, 2012

We have been doing a lot of de cluttering and I came across my photos and journal from the trip I took thru Educational Tours in 1996 to Spain. My friend Alia and decided it would be fun and help with our Spanish.

I'm sad to say that I don't remember much of the trip. I was only sixteen, but I do remember bits and pieces. The journal, itinerary and the photos are helping jog my memory. I googled a bunch of places I went and the major thing I cannot remember going to is Plaza Mayor and I really wish I could. It looks amazing. 

According to my sixteen year old self, I saw Lake of the Retiro Park and Gardens, Palacio Real de Madrid, La Puerta a de Alcala, Toledo. I tried squid and tapas. I went shopping at Carte de Ingles and saw the Prado Mueseo, and the Madrid Hard Rock Cafe. I also went on an overnight train (10 hours, which apparently was pure hell) to Grenada and saw La Alhambra and ate churros de chocolate. I toured Sevilla and saw the 1929 World Fair, the Spanish Cathedral and the Catedral de Sevilla (hmmm, those might be the same thing--Haha!) and took a bus to Tormelinos. We also went on a night cruise in Sevilla.

We stayed at three hotels: Tryp Gran Via Hotel in Madrid, Hotel Hispalis in Seville and Costa Azul in Benalmadena-Costa.

Here is a picture of some our group down at the beach near our hotel in Costa de Sol, which was amazing.

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  1. To jog your memory more we should all go there soon!