Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pretty Uneventful Week

This week was pretty uneventful. I got to the gym three days this week and aiming for four this week. I'm definitely getting stronger which is awesome, I just wish I could see the results when I put on my clothes. It is frustrating, but we have to schedule our three month check at Rex Wellness and get weighed, measured etc. Hopefully, I'll get some positive results! 

This week I had a lot of fun with make up. I'm loving Kylie's Lipkit in MaryJo and it stays on pretty much all day. The only two things that kinda sucks about it are that it is VERY drying and the price.

I had read that E.L.F. cosmetics were good quality and cheap, my favorite combo! I have yet to find a great mascara so I bought their brand, a lip plumper/primer and a lip exfoliator for those days I wear Kylie's Lipkits. I'll try them out this week and let you know how they hold up. All three items cost only eight dollars.  

Saturday I had a facial, so I just wore Front Row Cosmetics lipgloss in Baby Doll and their Nude lip liner.  I loved the shine! 

I finally placed my first order with ColourPop and I'm so excited to try it all out, especially the Ultra Matte Lip colors because they are supposed to be a great as Kylie's but way cheaper (they are only six bucks a piece compared to Kylie's at twenty nine dollars plus shipping!). I'm hoping ColourPop lives up to it's hype because you really can't beat their prices! 

If you love fashion and looking for some fantastic deals head over to SoSimpleYet. com. Morgan puts together some great looks and she travels to fun places! You can also follow her on Instagram at SoSimpleYet.

I'm still obsessed with YourCam Makeup app! I can't tell you how addicting and fun it is! They just added the Kardashian line of cosmetics to their library.  

Please don't forget that you can still get a TigerLady 20% off with code HAUGHTIGER. It is small, light weight, and needs no batteries or charging. To activate the three claws, all you have to do is close your hand and make a fist. The retractable claws protrude between your knuckles ready to meet your attacker. Stay safe and protect yourself! Don't be distracted by your phone when walking to your car; replace it with a Tigerlady and stay alert. Don't be a statistic and protect yourself! Give her the gift of safety, give her a Tigerlady!

Finally, our pups have doing well. Jager has a check up next weekend, so fingers crossed! 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


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