Sunday, October 19, 2014

12 Miles: I Was The Girl With Her Hands In Her Pants

Friday night, I did the smart thing before a twelve miler, and walked for hours at the NC  State Fair. We ate some crappy food, that was delicious and spent some time with our friends. I was hoping to leave the fair early and be off my feet by seven, but that didn't happen. I wasn't completely off my feet until almost ten.

Do you see the sign for the Twinx? It is a Twix stuffed in a Twinkie, deep fried, wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with powder sugar. I didn't try it, in fear that my doctor, Dr. Tank, would send me straight to a cardiologist. 

I woke up at 5:15am on Saturday and surprising my stomach was fine, it was another part of my body that hurt because I was chafed from the night before. I couldn't believe it. I had twelve miles ahead of me and I was freaking chafed. I kinda panicked because, well what the heck was I going to do? Could I run? Was I going to make it worse? Damn, you, NC State Fair!

I got to Umstead and started out in the pitch black and went easy. About a mile and a half in, the sun was rising and I was at a great pace. I'm not going to lie, my legs were tired and heavy, but I pushed thru. It was gorgeous weather and at the halfway point, my smile was genuine because I was on track to running 12 miles in 2:15. 

I hit mile seven and the chafing pain started and it didn't stop. I slowed way down and looked for a place where I could discreetly put on more body glide. Twice during my run and I had to go off to the side and reapply body glide. I'm lucky I was around runners who would understand and not bat an eye when someone had their hands in their pants, because I'm pretty sure I'd be arrested otherwise. I walked my last few miles in goddess pose, looking like a total jackass. Unfortunately, my time didn't impress me. My final time? 3:09:38. 

My runs during the week went well. Monday was 42:23 in the humidity and then Thursday was 39:45 in the cooler weather. My run took a scary turn on Thursday when I saw this on my way back:

My neighbors always put up cool stuff for Halloween, but sometimes I forget. It scared the crap out of me. I'm hoping I'll remember next week.

Today, I relaxed by cleaning up a bit, taking a nap with Jager, reading some magazines and watching some football. It was so nice to not have any plans for the day.

Wednesday's interview is with 8 time National Champion and USA Olympian, Khadevis "KD" Robinson, so make sure you check it out! 

Only TWO weeks til the Manchester Marathon! I can't wait to see everyone, especially my uncle, Ray, who is recovering in the hospital. Ray barely knows how to email, so I'm hoping my parents will show him my blog and know that we are thinking of him. Get well soon, Ray! 

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  1. I've only experienced chafe once and it is the worst! Great title :)