Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Stress Fracture!

What a week! I finally decided to get my leg checked out and make sure I didn't have a stress fracture because after Tuesday mornings attempt to run, I was in a lot of pain. I was starting to worry about further training, so I headed to Raleigh Radiology in Clayton and got it checked. Thankfully, it came back negative, but I'm still in some serious pain that affects my training. So, my coach suggested I go to an ortho doc, so I have an appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday's run was awful. It has never taken me over a hour to finish four miles and I did it in 1:02:53. I decided to add another safety feature (my headlamp) to my early morning runs, since I run in the dark and people who drive on Buffaloe Rd are asses. They totally speed up and come as close as possible to me and veer of at the last possible second. Share the road people! Geeze! It isn't like I'm running in the middle of the road and when I'm at my walking interval, I try and walk in the grass if possible. 

I skipped Thursday's run because my leg was still iffy and I iced a lot during the day. I felt bad about it, since I don't have a fracture, but I gave myself a break. When I got home, I immediately cheered up because my medal holder from Five1Five Signs came in the mail! I had Angie help me put it up in my office, it looks so much better than having my medals tacked up on my bulletin board and having people run into them all the time! You can order your customized medal and bib holders at Five1Five Signs on etsy!



I also ordered new socks since I have been getting a few minor blisters and then the big bloody one that still hasn't healed yet on my foot. I ordered Zensah socks, so hopefully that will help because a lot of reviewers gave them such high ratings.

I had thirteen miles on tap yesterday, but it didn't go as planned at all. I picked up Propel tasteless water and tried it Friday night and it tasted fine. Saturday I woke up and headed to the Clayton Greenway and started out fine. I started drinking and it tasted awful! It was like drinking salt water, I just can't believe it tasted so different from the night before. I figured I'd get used to it, but no. I ended up throwing up everything I ate from the night before and that morning. So, I'm sorry Greenway runners, I'm pretty sure you didn't want see pizza vomit on your run. I managed to do five miles, I figured that is what I could get away with without drinking anymore fluids. Instead of getting pissed off that I didn't accomplish my goal, I just went with it. My long run next week will be better! 

After I got home, we took the pups to the vet for a quick check up and flu shots. Sammy is now weighing in two pounds heavier than Jager. Jager has been losing a lot of weight and we have been concerned. Since he is diabetic, he can't gain weight with carbs, so we have to feed him more protein and fat. 

Once we finished up at the vet, we went to our company picnic and brought Sammy with us so he could swim for the first time.

Sammy did great and thankfully was tuckered out for the rest of the afternoon! 

I'm going to try and post some videos about my NYC training on Periscope, so check me out. My user name is: JenHaught79 and I'm super awkward, so hopefully I'll get better.  

76 days til NYC!


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