Over the past few years, I have interviewed some pretty amazing and interesting people. I have interviewed people who have changed their lives by getting healthy, amazing runners, and even Olympians. You can click on their names and the link will bring you to their stories.

March 2018: Sean Mulroney knows how poorly some obese people have been treated, even in the medical field because he has been treated the same way. Sean's heaviest weight was 687 pounds, his current weight is an impressive 583 pounds and his ultimate goal is 250 pounds. There are very few men sharing their weight loss struggles so openly on social media, and it is refreshing.

Nov 2017: Lexi Reed, otherwise known as FatGirlFedUp on Instagram, has lost 312 pounds naturally with diet and exercise in the past two years. She has had a lot of success by participating in DietBet, a website that pays you to lose weight. You can join Lexi's DietBet by searching FatGirlFedUp at DietBet.

Nov 2016: Nick Lavallee is a comedian from New Hampshire and the frontman of the band Donaher. His day job involves media production. He's met Justin Bieber, he has kissed Sally Struthers, and his high score in Ms. Pac-Man is somewhere around 80,000. Despite this, he had become over indulgent with alcohol while battling anxiety and depression. Over the course of a year, he had stopped drinking altogether and he has lost 60 pounds by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle.

March 2016: Aurora Davis found out she needed surgery to remove some damaged cartilage in 2016. Knowing how important her workouts are, I wondered how she would handle the recovery. She is in amazing shape to begin with and is a great role model. Second, like many people, she is an athlete that had to take time off to recover and didn't want to lose her fitness. She followed her doctors orders, worked around her knee and managed to keep working hard at her goals. She is an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor and a certified personal trainer. She is currently the owner of AD Fitness of which I'm a client.

March 2016: Peter Lynch first realized in March of 1992 that he needed to change his life. It was his youngest son's first birthday, and he woke up that night with a pain and pressure in his chest. That was his first coronary event and he was just thirty three years old.  His starting weight was 356 lbs and slimmed down to 225 lbs. He is currently enjoying working out at 9Round, a kickboxing fitness program. 

Feb 2016: Julie Matheson had been struggling for awhile and was looking for support. She is the typical great mom that has two kids, a husband and a full time job, but doesn't spend enough time caring for herself. It is very exhausting at times for her, but learning how to make herself a priority. 

Dec 2014: John Bingham, The Penguin  has inspired so many runners, including myself, to "waddle on". John didn't start running until he was forty three and wrote "The Courage To Start".  From 1996-2009, John wrote a very popular column in Runner's World called the "Penguin Chronicles". He is now a featured columnist for Competitor Magazine.

Nov 2014: Jenny Hadfield is a Runner's World columnist and has an extensive racing resume. She calls herself a Running Vacation Adventrepreneur who organizes destination running and active vacations all over the world to places like Peru and the Caribbean. She is also an author of of two books that you can order off Amazon.

Nov 2014: Katie from the blog RunsforCookies has lost 125 pounds and has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She is open and honest about her struggles with coping with her new diagnosis and her love hate relationship with running. She was featured in Runner's World in 2014 and was part of The Ragnar Relay Project. You can also see her in the "Fat to Finish" documentary that is now on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon.

Nov 2014: Mark Remy is a humorous columnist for Runner's World and has ran twenty seven marathons. He is the creator of his popular website and an author of four books, including a fan favorite, "C is for Chafing". You can order all his books on his website and will sign and personalize your books.

Nov 2014: Jeff Galloway is a US Olympian and Runner's World columnist. He has helped countless people achieve their dreams of completing races from a 5K to a full marathon with the Galloway Walk Run Method. Jeff has written nineteen books on running, including "The Walk Run Method" that you can order on Amazon.

Oct 2014: Brian Baleno decided in 2009 to run fifty half marathons in all fifty state, starting in Tennessee and ending in Delaware.  You can order his book "50 Halfs From First to Last" on Amazon.

Oct 2014: KD Robinson is an eight time USA National Champion, a USA Olympian, an author, speaker and fitness expert. He is currently the head XC coach at Ohio State University. You can order his book: "When Seconds Count: In Minor Moments, Major Things Happen" on Amazon.

Oct 2014: Amby Burfoot is an American marathoner who won the Boston Marathon in 1968. He is also an author, speaker and Runner's World Editor. You can order his many books, including "The Runner's Guide To The Meaning of Life" on Amazon or his personal website.

Oct 2014: Pete Friesen had been the Carolina Hurricanes head athletic trainer and strength and condition coach for twenty one years. He has since left the organization as of 2017 and now works at NC State as an Assistant Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. He works majority with the men's and women's cross country and and track and field teams.   

Oct 2014: Kasie Wallace Enman has an impressive racing resume. She is a THREE time Olympic Trails Women's Marathon Qualifier in 2008 and 2012 with a PR of 2:37:14. She just qualified for the 2020 trails at this past Chicago marathon! She currently is also an athlete for Salomon Running

Sept 2014: Bart Yasso who has recently retired from Runner's World Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Huntington, WV when I attempted my first marathon. You can order his book "My Life On The Run: The Wit, Wisdom, and Insights of a Road Racing Icon" on Amazon. 

Sept 2014: Lou Ann Bakolia was my running coach when I ran the NYC marathon in 2015. Check out her website Off To Run.

Sept 2014: David McGillivray who has been the director of the Boston Marathon since 1998. You can order his book, "The Last Pick" on Amazon.