Here are some of the races I have run through the years.


NYC Marathon 2015
I finally finished my first marathon! I was one of the lucky eighteen percent that got into NYC through the lottery. I was shocked I got in! NYC was tough and I will never do another marathon again, but it was an amazing experience. Brooklyn, by far, was my favorite because the crowds were loud and crazy. I went too hard and too fast, but it was worth it. It may have taken me almost a full work day to finish the race, but I finished and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face. My time was 7:14: 49.

Half Marathons:

Race 13.1 2015
I decided to this half marathon the night before because I was unmotivated to do my fifteen miler. The course was pretty nice because you were able to run through three different greenways, but the end sucks. The last mile or two were uphill and my time took a big hit. I was on my walk to a PR until I hit those last few miles. A fellow run, Jen, met up with me towards the and helped me through those last miles. My time was 3:08:48. 

Manchester City Marathon 2014
This half was the worst weather wise (30's and 25-45mph winds), but running with my cousins was the best part of the race. It was great to see my family and friends cheering me on. The race was tough, very hilly and unfortunately I didn't PR. My time was 3:03:07. 

Lookout Capital 2013
I completed the Triple Crown series! It was one of my proudest moments, we worked really hard for it. Our final race time was 3:17:01 and we were ready for a break! 

NCRC 2013
The was race two of the Triple Crown series, unfortunately Rachel got injured and I was on my own. I can say with complete confidence that this was the toughest race I have ever done. It was hot, humid and hilly. I was very light headed after I crossed the finish line. My time was 2:55:24

Run Raleigh 2013
The return of Rachel! After swearing we wouldn't do another race, I actually convinced Rachel to do the Raleigh Triple Crown series. We would get one medal for each race and then one big 39.3 medal. It was three half marathons in April, May and June of 2013. We met every Saturday at Shelly Lake for our long runs. It was a lot of fun to have someone train by your side. Our time for that race was 3:15:31.

Rock and Roll DC 2012
This was the first race that I trained for all myself and had no one running with me. This was one of my favorite races because of the sights around the city. It was beautiful and the cherry blossoms were out in full bloom. My time was 3:18:17.

City of Oaks 2011
I asked a coworker to run with me for this race and I managed to get my best time yet 2:53:25. This race was probably the most prepared I felt ever for a race. The course was very hilly, but we managed to get thru it.

Disney Princess Half 2011
I saw this race online and immediately asked my cousin, Julia and my friend, Julie to go to Disney for a fun girls weekend. It was a tough race for me physically because I hardly trained. I fell asleep right after the race and was in a lot of pain and stiff. All in all a fantastic weekend and I finished in 3:29:35

Flying Pig 2010
Rachel and I decided that we would drive to Cincinnati and do our second half. The day of the race was storming and we were soaked to the bone, even with our trash bags on. Even though the was pouring, there was a lot of crowd support. We finished in 3:34:08 and agreed it would be our last half marathon.

Disney 2009
I started running in 2009 because I wanted to get involved with Team in Training after a friend of the family passed away from Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I had never run more than three miles and there I was training for a half. I raised over $3,500 and finished in 3:44:38. This picture is my aunt Judy, Uncle David and of course, me. 

Marshall University Marathon 2013-DNF
Ah, my attempt at my first marathon. I DNF, I only made it half way and I just lost it. I never thought I couldn't finish it and it was a big wake up call that I didn't get enough rest from the Triple Crown series. It was a huge hit to my confidence, but I plan to go back someday and finish it. 
y passed away from Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I had never run more than three miles and there I was training for a half. I raised over $3,500 and got to run Disney. I finished in 3:22:38 and proudly wore my medal all wee


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