Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry, Katy Perry, I Didn't Like Pop Chips

I had a really fun and relaxing weekend. I got in TONS of activity points and tracked everything I ate.  Friday night we had my favorite potato soup with a serving of cheese (9 points for a two servings) and enjoyed it so much. It is one of my favorite comfort foods! I just wish I would've added spinach to get a veggie in but I forgot.

Saturday was pretty uneventful, but we did go out to Applebees with out friends. Applesbees didn't have what I planned on ordering, but luckily I have learned to be more prepared and had a few options saved in my phone. My meal was good, I had the Roasted Garlic Sirloin, a side of grilled shrimp and a Chocolate Mousse Shooter for a total of 28 points. I dipped a bit into my weekly points and was completely satisfied with my choice, especially the shooter! 

Today, I got even more activity points in bc I got up and worked out for a hour and probably will bike for another 30 during the Pats game. We also got out with the dogs for a walk even though it was super humid here. 

I have a few reviews this week, the first one is my awesome bike. I bought the Exeroeutic 300SR Foldable Bike for $140.00, although I looked on Amazon just now, and it's $135.00. This bike is GREAT! Matt said it was easy to set up, but it really doesn't fold. Even though it doesn't really fold it hardly takes up any space and it is super quiet. It has a comfortable seat and side handles. It tracks you miles, time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories. It can hold a person that is 300lbs and less. LOVE IT!

I also tried PopChips this week and I wasn't impressed. I choose the regular flavor bc I'm a plain eater and they were even too plain for me. Matt tried the BBQ ones, but said he liked them, but will not buy them again bc there were hardly any in a bag. We bought a big bag and the chips came below the half way point of the bag! What a waste! I will get the Quakes instead.....sorry, Katy Perry! 

Next, I tried Burt's Bee's Ultra Conditioning bc my lips have been so dry in this crazy weather. I love this stuff, bc it worked pretty much immediately. My lips are nice and soft and not greasy. 

At the suggestion of Julie (you can check her out on her blog, Fat Girl Running), I bought Garnier BB Cream and I was impressed. It is so light on my face and I don't even need foundation. Just a bit of BB Cream and some powder and I'm good to go. A big thumbs up from me! 

The last product I tried was Smart Balance Light Butter and it is good. I use it bc of my high cholesterol and it's only 1 point for a TBSP. I had it on my french toast today and it was light and buttery. Another thumbs up!


I'm trying a new dessert and even as I made it I didn't think it was worth 3 points, especially when I compare it to my Mini Ice Cream Cupcakes. The dessert is called Frozen ButterFinger Pie and I'm interested to try it tonight. I just don't think it's going to be as satisfying as the cupcakes. I was also supposed to save half the butter finger bar to sprinkle on top, but I threw it all in the whipped cream. Opps. Oh, well!

Anyway, all in all a great weekend! I'm signing off to watch the game. GO, PATS! 

*All opinions in the blog post are my own and I was not in anyway compensated in any way.*


  1. I am glad that you like the BB cream! I am so impressed with your exercise--the bike was a great idea and I am glad that you like it so much!

  2. Potato soup is one of my fav comfort foods too!