Monday, September 3, 2018

Trip Out West: Day 5

Day 5 (9/20/17): We didn't have to wake up as early as we had been the past few days which was nice. Our first stop was Hovenweep National Monument and I loved it. Hovenweep has six prehistoric villages that were built between 1200 and 1300 A.D. We hiked the two mile loop and it was beautiful.

Our next stop was Monument Valley which was another amazing site. We stopped at the stretch of road where the famous scene where Forrest Gump stops running. Most of us needed to use the bathroom, so we headed to the Vistor's Center. There we were charged twenty dollars to enter! I must admit that I am glad we paid it because the views were so fantastic. 


After Monument Valley, we got on the road and headed to the North Rim. We were supposed to get in when it was still light out, but unfortunately we didn't. We drove in complete darkness and narrowly missed dozens of cows and deer. It is confusing if you get there in the dark. We weren't sure where to park or where to check in. There are no lights and no signs directing to check in. Ryan and I got out the car in the freezing and windy night to look for check in. We had to use our cellphone flashlights to find our way. What seemed like forever, we finally found check in and figured out where our cabins were. These cabins in the North Rim are very hard to book. You pretty much have to book a year ahead of time. Ryan had to check everyday for about about six months to get this cabin. I'm not a roughing it type of girl, I think I've been camping once in my entire life and I was pretty sure I drunk. We walked into the cabin and I immediately wanted to run and sleep in the car. When you first walk in there is a double bed and bench, then there is the tiny bathroom with a shower and the last room had a futon and bunk beds. All I saw were moth, bugs and worst or all, a mouse trap. Jess and I lost our shit, to put it mildly. The guys took us out in freezing cold to look at the stars, which was beautiful and totally worth it.  When we got back to the cabin to go to bed, I refused to turn off the lights the whole night and I refused to get under the covers since I saw moth looking bugs in the bed and pillows. Matt thought I was nuts. He got under the covers and immediately fell asleep. I, on the other hand, did not. I was freezing because I wouldn't get under the covers, so I stuck both my legs in one arm of my hoodie and stretched it over the rest of my body. My teeth chattered most of the night. I didn't know until morning, but there was a heater behind the door. 

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