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Interview with Lexi @FatGirlFedUp

I have struggled with losing weight and staying motivated for years. I post a lot on my Instagram to stay accountable and get inspired by other's journeys. I came across Lexi's Instagram account and was immediately inspired. This girl is no joke. This badass lost has lost 303 pounds and counting since January 1, 2016!  She has changed her diet and got moving at the gym and taking classes like Zumba. She and her husband, Danny, are on a healthy path that will hopefully one day make them amazing parents. 

Image: @FatGirlFedUp

 Have you tried losing weight before?

I've been overweight my entire life. I have always tried to lose weight and even in middle school my family put me in Weight Watchers. I even tried LA Weight Loss but never stuck with it.

What was your initial plan to get started?

I set a New Years Resolution in 2016 to lose the weight. My best friend challenged me to no eating out for 30 days, no cheat meals, no soda or alcohol, and working out 5x a week for 30 minutes. I completed all those tasks perfectly for the first 30 days and learned to cook healthy versions of the foods I loved which changed the game for me. I didn't feel deprived and realized by changing my lifestyle and not calling it a diet I was in it for the long run.

What was your biggest obstacle when you first started to lose weight?

Changing my relationship with food. I was an emotional eater and food was something that all my events basically revolved around. I learned that by meal prepping I didn't feel like I needed to pick up unhealthy options for lunch or on the way to work. I learned that the feeling of working out felt way better as therapy than food.

What surprised you the most while losing the weight?

How much better life could be and how fast I lost weight. I never expected to lose 303 pounds in just over a year and six months. My mind hasn't had a chance to catch up with my body but just knowing I saved my own life is an amazing feeling. 

Image: @FatGirlFedUp

What motivated you to keep going?

Baby Reed. My husband Danny Reed (@Dannyreed5 on Instagram) and I want to be parents and we knew that wasn't possible for us if we didn't lose the weight. On the days that we were sore and didn't want to go to the gym, we would say to each other "BabyReed2016" and we were able to find the strength. 

Did you hit a plateau? If so, how did you handle it? 

I have not hit a plateau but losing weight has been harder since i'm smaller. My plan is to switch my routine when that does happen. 

What struggles have you dealt with during your journey?

In the beginning, I struggled to find my balance and changing my relationship with food. When I would go to work at my full time job, I would pass a strip of restaurants that I once frequented daily. I was basically addicted to food and I had to learn how to eat to live not live to eat. I started meal prepping instead of pulling over to get fast food options. I found that working out made me feel way better than unhealthy eating. I found that the gym was a better form of therapy for me than food. This mental change helped me in the long run when I realized how strong I was each healthy decision I made.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

My husband has been my biggest supporter. He actually started this journey with me and has lost 89 pounds since January 1, 2016. He helps me meal prep, goes to the gym with me, and always pushes me to be better. 

Image: @FatGirlFedUp

What was the best advice you received while losing weight and getting healthy?

Focus on each day, not how far you have to go. When I looked at the fact I had to lose over 300 pounds I felt like it would take a long time and got overwhelmed. So I focused on every single day and making small healthy changes. One pound at a time, one day at a time - all the changes added up to huge results!

What is the best part so far of getting healthy?

Living not just existing. Saving my own life. Every day for me is a non scale victory since I weighed almost 500 pounds at the beginning of 2016. I can now ride on rollercoasters, keep up with my husband, shop where I want, have more energy, run, walk, climb stairs, and I'm healthy!

Image: @FatGirlFedUp

What are your biggest temptations, how do you deal with them?

Chinese food and pizza. I can make healthier versions of pizza but if there is a food I really want then I will have a cheat meal once a week. It's important to find your balance so you don't quit. It's a lifestyle, not a diet.

Do you get treated differently now that you have lost weight? Is it negative or positive?

Sometimes. I have had people be nice to me that weren't nice when I was heavy. I have had family members tell me they miss the old Lexi when I was heavy because she was less busy. I have had hate comments from sharing my story so openly on social media. The positive I receive is much more though than any negative. 

Proudest moment so far?

Running down the beach with my husband. When we went on our honeymoon we went on a Shell Tour. They told us prior to the tour that if you went further down the beach you would find bigger shells. I wasn't able to walk down the beach very far at all and had to sit down while my husband walked down the beach without me. I knew I was holding him back, and it broke my heart. We returned to the same shell tour this year and I was able to RUN down the beach with him. It was amazing.

What are your future goals?

I am working to write a book to help inspire others to change their life. I am also working to lose more weight, and possibly gain some muscle in the future. I want to share my story with as many people as I can and hope to inspire others towards being the best version of themselves.

What advice do you have for people who are struggling to lose weight and want to get healthy?

Start small. Small changes add up to big results! Do what you can because we all start somewhere and it's okay to learn every single day of your journey. 


Healthy snack: Banana with peanut butter

Workout: Zumba

Hobby: Hiking/Exploring

Way to relax: Hot bath 

Treat meal: Chinese

Drink:  Water or Coffee

TV show: Shameless

Movie:  Across the Universe

Book: Harry Potter Series

Singer/Band: Taking Back Sunday

Body part:  Eyes 

Workout song: "I Am Not Done" by Rob Bailey & the Hustle Standard

Mantra: "Baby Reed 2016"

Guilty pleasure: Rap music

Quote: It never gets easier, you get stronger!

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